Sunday, April 09, 2006

I hate waiting

I'm a type of a person that likes a productive life. I want a sense of accomplishment in my daily routine.

And waiting of noting is a thing that I rally hate. It's like this. Yesterday was the B-Day of my youngest daughter Catherine. And I was going to buy a B-Day cake for her at SM Fairview, a mall neat our house, but before that, I was going have few pictures of my kids to be develop at a Konica digital which is also in SM Fairview. When I got there, one of the ladies there said that "Just give it to that guy". The dude that I suppose to give my 128MMC (multi media card) that contains my 33 pictures was vey busy accomodating other customer in his computer. As a curious guy that I am, I stood right up on their back and start looking what the heck that they are doing. And I noticed it that the customer was pointing to the pictures that he wants to develop. Take this, take that, Add this, Add that, Ah this one, that one. DUUUUUDE, why dont you save us all a trouble and have done that before you come here. Copy all the picture that you like on a single directory.(I said that on my mind only ofcourse). You should have done that in your house or your fiends house if you dont have a computer. Computers now a days are very cheep. Cheeper than some digital cams. So if you can afford a digital cam, Im sure you could afford a computer. So anyway I stood there about 5 min. and it was my turn. I gave the guy my 128MMC, he scanned it for viruses(Nice SOP), copied it to their hard drive and that it finished, since its only one directory that my 33 pictures resides. It only took us less than 30 sec. to do this.

But the bad news is (here it comes) he said that it was going to be a One and a half hour to print. (What? One and a half hour? Longger than the old film developing that we use to do?) But thats ok, even thoe I hate waiting, I'm a still polite guy and kept my Irritation to my self(I guest most of Filipinos are kind of like that). So I ask my self, how long does it takes to print one digital file? And I answer to my self a few seconds,since that they already have this huge super fast printing machine,yeah, yeah, I know some of you would say what if they have many customers and they still have to adjust and check each and every picture for color balance,brightness,darkness and stuff. But still, that is way too long. One and a half hour is longer than the old negative film to be develop which only takes an hour.

Ahh well, theres nothing much I can do here so I just went my way to buy that B-Day cake and come back later. But when I got to Goldilocks(Our local bakery shop), The line just to get and order and pay was soooooo loooooong. Its like all of the people converges here. But after long waiting in line and paying, the cashier gave me a number 41 stab and said "just kindly wait for your number to be called there sir."(Waiting has become the story of my life). So I waited again. for about 15 min stading its almost my turn now. Almost every 1 min they call each number,number 38,39,40,42. Wait, wait, wait. 42? What happend to 41? As I about to become the Incredible Hulk, I got a glips of the cake that I ordered and It was ready for packaging. But there were this cake being packaged before me so I have to wait a few more minutes(again).

It sure is nice for things to be in order, right? But in real life that doesn't happen. Well atleast not most of the time. In short -> SHIT HAPPENS

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ATX - Colored

Here is ATX. A pin-up I did a few years ago. The comics of ATX was penciled by Jim Jimenes and published by the Atlas Comics.

Monday, April 03, 2006

My First Blog

Hello World.
Most of you that have read a programming book from school might have come across those first two words. Anyway, as a programmer, I am very much used to use those words to try things out. Since this is my first post here it’s as might as well use it.
Except from programming,I am also into comics. This is the reason why I have signup for a blog. I plan do display my works here and see what other people has to say. So just stay tune.