Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Star Trek XI

Many of my friends does not know that I'm a StarTrek die-hard fan. A Trekkie if you will. I must have the most Star Trek episode in my possession that any person that I know.

I did not share this passion with other persons that I know since they are more interested in something else. Besides they would not get what I mean when I tell them about bio-neuro circuitry gelpacks, tackion fields and neutrino particles. One time I tried, but he just looked at me like a weird scientist while his jaw was way down on his face.

Anyway, the new Star Trek movie is now in production with a tentative release date in December 2008, its way way long time to wait. but at lease paramount is having initiative to revive the Star Trek Universe again after canceling the fourth season of Star Trek Enterprise.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sample Page

Kalayaan #1 is schedule to be released this June. Just right for ''Araw ng Kalayaan" (Day of Freedom). But before that, here is a page that is included in #1.

So, I hope anyone that could read this blog would grab a copy of my long awaited first comics. This is like a dream come true to me. To do what I always like, which is to draw comics and see in print and being sold comics stores.

So I hope you like it.

Monday, February 26, 2007

He backed out

Its all over the news paper today. Every tabloid news paper that you could find, he is the front page. The peoples champ Manny Pacquiao backed out from his candidacy for conggressman.

I can only say THANK GOD. As I just said from my previous post, It is better that he leaves politics for the politicians, and boxing to boxers. Maybe in the distant future, if he is still interested at age 40 or so,
when he is retired in boxing. He could run for office.

But for now, it is just better for him to concentrate on his boxing carrer.

Aparently Mayor Lito Atienza is the one who convinced him to back out from his candidacy. It's good that there are still people around him that gives good advice.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Boom - He did it again

I just have just watched the recently concluded "Battle of Cebu". And all of it, My favorite was the fight of Rey "Boom boom" Bautista against the Mexican Marino Montiel Gonzalez. I realy think that is guy is the 2nd Many Pacquiao. With an age of only 20, he is already a title holder. And with an impressive record of 22 wins, 0 Loss, 0 draw, 17 K.O. This guy is next Philippine boxing superstar.

I also liked the fight of
Z 'The Dream' Gorres V.S.
Fernando Montiel of Mexico. Even thoe Z did not win, it was still a great fight. That Mexican fighter is a one though son of a beeeeeep. I realy like him. He received many solid punches from Gorrez but was not staggard at anytime. He was super strong, lots of stamina and a power punch to match. Gorrez is a tactical fighter and loose gas on about the end of the fight. He was constantly hugging Montiel on round 11 and 12(the last one) . I was a little bit disappointed with the scoring of the judges. It was clearly on the 1st to 10th round, Gorrez landed many many solid punches. He was way ahead in score (at lease in my count) with even the 2 points deduction. Which also deducted immediately by the referee which I think he should have given a warning first before it was deducted.

Bert Batawang was also very very impressive when knocked down Indonesia's Sofyan Efendi twice in the fourth round to score an impressive TKO win at the 2:12 mark. An old guy (Bert at 35 years old) kicking the butt out of junior (Efendi at only 19 years of age)

Jimrex Jaca also won against the monkey style of Simson Butar-Butar from Indonesia. Which I think that the gaming commission should check if this guy is on drugs, coz it seams that he does not care about the title belt that he is defending. He is also kinda show off which pissed me off. It was a disapointing win for me coz it looks to me like Jimrex just tripped him on purpose and Butar-butar was just too high to get up. He wasn't tire at all coz I was him leaving the ring running towards the locker room. He was just wasn't interested on the fight.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ultimate Avengers

A friend of mine came to our house last weekend. He was carrying 2 DVDs with him. And to my surprise, It's an Ultimate Avenger Movie 1 and 2 which was released last year. I was exited and surprise at the same time coz to tell it frankly, I did not know that there were an Ultimate Avenger Movie. I was only aware of the comics but not an animation film. And I only know about the recently released Invincible Ironman, but not the Avengers.

I was stunned by the two films. The animation was very clean and the movement of the characters (specially during battle scene) are amazing. For the longest time now, I was getting worried that Marvel are being left-off and stamped by DC when it comes to animation. With their Superman, Justice League Unlimited and The Batman series I was saying Marvel is getting a little bit left behind on animation here. But when I saw the Ultimate Avengers I said to my self, sooo this is what they are up too. And They really come back hard on this one.

I ask my friend, If I could borrow the two DVDs for a while so I can watch it again. It's a good thing that he agree. Coz I really don't want to beg him for it. :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Why Manny, Why?

 As I was preparing to go to office this morning, when I saw the most bizarre thing that I could imagine on a Philippine morning TV news interview. Manny Pacquiao is RUNNING for a government office. At first, he was saying he hasn’t decided yet. As I listened more. He said that he hasn’t decided yet if he would run for MAYOR or CONGRESSMAN???!!!

Ohhhh my Gulay.
Shigabay golly wow.
Hooooly politics Batman.
By the power of Grey Skull!!!!
Baket pare ko. Baket? (Why Manny, why?)

Let me just digest this for a few second and as I catch my breath…
Don’t get me wrong folks, I am a BIG fan of Manny Pacquiao. I have been cheering for him for about 9 to 10 years now. I have been watching him in blow by blow in channel 9 even when he was starting at a very early age. He had made many bad decisions in the past, but I just let it go like choosing a bad manager, signing two contract from two rival company at the same. But I said hey, that ok, maybe in the future he would learn better.

But those are peanuts compared to this one. And even more disturbing, he said that, even if he wins for Mayor or Congressman he will not stop fighting in the ring!!!
He will still continue his career as a boxers and perform many fight as he can!!?
What? A Mayor / Congressman boxer?

He has been very versatile with his career. He has been an Action Star, Commercial/ Product endorser Icon and even pursues his interest in music and creates an album and becomes a Singer. Those I can accept, but politics???? I really don’t know.

Maybe if he waited a little while, he could run on a lower office when he is retire from his boxing career. Maybe, just maybe. He would have less criticism and negative feed back from many people.

I’m also very afraid for him that he would loose all of his money. Coz I know how much money flies during and before elections. My mother was one of a campaign assistant in the old days. Even though how much money you have, every thing goes during campaign. And lots and lots of people will take advantage of him. And not to mention loosing your very own life. Many corrupt politician will not think twice on killing their political opponent who ever they are, just to remain in power.

If he really wants to help other people. There are so many ways to do that without going to politics.

I only hope that he would still change his mind and not to run for office.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cell Phone and Bible

I received this email a few weeks ago from an old client.

CELL laging hawak at ipinapakita.. BIBLE laging nakatago at ayaw ipakita.. CELL binibili kahit libo-libong halaga.. BIBLE ayaw bilhin kahit isang daan halaga.. CELL laging binabasa kung may message.. BIBLE hindi binabasa kaya hindi makita ang message.. CELL ayaw magasgasan.. BIBLE ok lng kahit maalikabukan.. CELL mahirap ipahiram baka masira.. BIBLE madaling ipahiram kahit mawala.. CELL nauubusan ng message.. BIBLE laging full of message.. CELL ay mahalagang gamit.. BIBLE mas mahalaga kung gagamitin..

Friday, February 02, 2007


Recently, I had another itch on drawing another JLP (Justice League Philippines) . Coz I wasn't quite statisfied with the first one. I had a real blast out of this one. 
I realy enjoyed drawing this one.

From the bottom left to right and up are the characters -> Panday, Captain Barbel,
Berdugo, Kapitan Kidlat, (my very own)Kalayaan, Darna, Maskarado, Palos,  
Lastikman and Zsa zsa Zaturna.