Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kalayaan 10 preview

Here is the Page 10 of Kalayaan #10 courtesy of Erwin Ropa. I really have to say that the pages that Erwin create is pure awesomeness. If everything goes well, Kalayaan #10 will be published this coming Mertro Comicon on August 21-22 at SM Megatrade Hall. See you all there.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Exciting time

I have been secretly excited for this past few months. Because for quite some time now, I have been talking and collaborating with great people in the comic industry. And we have something wonderful in stored that will be unveil in this coming month. I am not yet in liberty to tell it here just yet. But it will be announce in August, during Metro Comicon. So be sure to be there to find out what it is.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kevin Costner to clean the oil spill

It is very hard not to admire Kevin Costner to come up with the solution to the current oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico. He spend $20 Million and 15 years of research and development with his scientist brother on his very own company to come up with a machine that cleans and separate water from oil 99%. His machine has already been tested and about 32 will now be deployed.

Kevin Costner Testifies at Oil Spill Hearing

“It was hard for me to fathom how we as a nation could engineer nuclear power and put a man on the moon, but somehow not muster the technology to clean up an oil disaster of our own making.” -Ken Costner

While waching these video/news, I can't help my self to think that if I became rich someday, these are the things I also wanted to do (Kinda like Tony Stark). To help the environment and make a world better place to live in.To get more information, you can go to the web site of his company Ocean Theraphy Solution and CINC Industries.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jam Packed Fan Art Issue

The Fan Art section of the next issue of Kalayaaan (issue #10) will be jam packed. Many people had send me their art work this time around (more than the usual). I really would love to put all of these to the Kalayaan official web site, but I am just so busy right now. I have been busy with my programming work at our office these past few weeks now.

I really never get tired looking at these fan art that the Kalayaan readers always sends me. I really love to see the different version/interpretation and their own drawing style for my character.
Art by Norby Ela

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bayan Knights Videos

Bayan Knights teaser video of the Core Team

Bayan Knights - Halaw Team

Bayan Knights - Tronics Division

These are the ungrouped members of the Bayan Knights.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Reading comics online

Here is very cool way to read comics online. CLICK HERE TO TRY.

The guys at Glyphwall (where I sell my comics online) just created this cool way to read comics online. With "Kalayaan #7 - Dark Side" as an example non the less. And for the better experience of it, try clicking the small square on lower left on the screen.

Aside from Kalayaan comics, Bayan Knights #1 - 4 are also now available for order on the Wall Mart section of the Glyphwall site. Please do check it out.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Notable Alumni

I was just at wikipedia a few moments ago searching for some stuff when I stumble upon a List of P.U.P. (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) People. And to my surprise, I was one counted as a "Notable Alumni" where I was described as the creator of Kalayaan comics. My name is just below Richard Gomez (Actor/Model/Television Host) and Marc Logan (TV Personality), and just above Marco Sison (Singer, Composer). Can you imagine that? I was saying to my self, what the heck is my name doing there. :D

Kidding aside, thank you very much to the one who put my name there (you can rest assure that I was not the one). I am proud and honored to be a Notable Alumni of PUP.

Oh, by the way. Carlo Pagulayan (Marvel Comics - Planet Hulk Artist) is also in the list. Wikipedia is just full of surprises. Click the image above to enlarge it or go to the Wikipedia-List of P.U.P. People. Please do read all the names there and you might be surprise as I was. :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nasa magazine pala uli ako

Kanina ko lang nakita sa blog ni Hazel at boss KC Cordero ito habang nasa office ako. Dali dali kaagad akong bumili nito sa baba ng office namin sa ortigas.

Thank you very much to boss KC Cordero for including me in the series of pictures that came from the concluded Summer Komikon. The image below is on the page 47 of Wow Pinas, June issue. I got a total of Three (3) pictures on this page, and some of the members of the Bayan Knights are also shown here.

Thanks again to boss KC for making this possible. Grap your copy now of this issue quick :D

I just got word from KC Cordero. He said that this magazine will be available also in 7-11 outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi, U.S. and Canada.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kalayaan MCC Poster Campaign

Here is the Kalayaan Metro Comicon Poster Campaign. I really hope that the organizers of Metro comicon likes this and print it on a tarpauline, like they did with my last years entry.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MCC Poster Colored

Here is the Kalayaan Metro Comicon campaign poster with colors.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MCC Poster WIP

This will be my little contribution for the Metro Comicon (MCC) promotional poster. It is still not finished, I intend to color it by tomorrow and put it on a template the MCC organizers had provided.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fan Art from Wansworld

Here is an independence day fan art from Wansworld.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fan Art from Abroad

I got this fan art a few weeks ago already from ROD WILLIAMS. A very talented and very kind African American who lives in theU.S. He is one of the nicest person that I have ever encountered in DeviantArt so I created a fan art of his character Vector with Kalayaan. And he was very kind enought to return the favor and got me this.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Kalayaan Key Chain

I have met with Jaybee (a long time Kalayaan reader and supporter) at Sputnik comic shop in Cubao a few days ago. He initially told me that he was just want to buy the latest issue of Kalayaan and wanted to give me something. To my surprise, he gave this beautiful Kalayaan key chains. He said that he hopes that money that these key chains would produce might help me to fund for the printing of my comics. I plan to sell these only at P20 each to any event that I might attend. I hope that many people would buy it.
Even though that I have many Anonymous detractors that keeps bugging and trolling me around. I am also blessed with people like Jaybee that continues to support me and helping me as much as they can. Others are even helping me to find sponsors to display their ads on my comics. And other are thinking different merchandise for my characters. They often surprises me with many ideas that I may never have thought.

To all of you guys that have been helping me around. From the bottom of my heart... Thank you very very much.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interview in The Blurb

I was recently interview by a fellow komikero Jonas Diego and Johnny Danganan. Thank you very much guys for sending me these series of questions, I really enjoyed answering them. CLICK HERE to read the entire interview.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Post-Atlas Komiks Scene

POC - Philippine Online Chronicle
Primer: The Post-Atlas Komiks Scene
by Macoy Tang

It was four years ago last month that Atlas Publications, that once-great publishing monolith, stopped making komiks, so I thought it would be a good time to look back at how the field has changed since then. Of course the demarcation line between the Atlas era and the Post-Atlas era of Pinoy komiks is a purely psychological one—komiks as produced by Atlas had ceased to be relevant long before the company formally stopped operations, and many of the trends discussed below had their beginnings while Atlas was technically still in business. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Free Indie Booth at Toycon

This information is from Azrael Coladilla DeviantArt site

Attention comic creators: if you want to have a booth with us at the Toy Con event, (for free syempre! kasi we support local comics ) email us at with your comic titles, description, sample cover image, website or blog, contact details via email :

Monday, June 07, 2010

Indie Go! Valley NOW OPEN!

Indie Creators, rejoice!

The 2nd Metro Comic-Con proudly brings back the INDIE GO! Valley! Since MCC strongly supports the independent comic book artists, MCC continues what would become a tradition in the future (which other conventions have tried to copy after the 1st MCC): FREE booth spaces with NO royalties or whatsoever! You’ve seen it before, so it’s not hard to believe. Now read on and be guided accordingly by our REVISED GUIDELINES, and be among the 25 lucky indie registrants to make it to another historical event in the making.

The 2nd Metro Comic-Con

August 21 and 22, 2010

NEW Indie Go! Valley Guidelines

1. INDIE GO! VALLEY is METRO COMIC-CON’s official venue for INDIE CREATORS and their Comicbook Creations. It will be MCC’s centerstage for those who could be THE NEXT BIG NAME in the comic book industry, here and even abroad.

2. Indie Go! Valley can accommodate a total of 25 Artists in all. In case of Indie Title/s produced by a group of artists, the group shall only be allowed to have ONE REPRESENTATIVE to do the selling of the title/s. This will be STRICTLY ENFORCED, so as to give a chance to more Indie Creators, be it Individual or Group, to sell their indies.

3. This year, Indie Go! Valley Registrants will be required to purchase the 2-day entrance fee worth PhP 200 in advance (to be paid upon registration. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BOOTHS ARE FREE -- BUT INDIE CREATORS SHOULD AVAIL OF THE ADMISSION TICKETS). This aims to give more push to the Indie Creators to RESPONSIBLY AND ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT FOR 2 DAYS. Some successful registrants did not attend last year’s event, wasting slots that could’ve been given to other Indie Creators that didn’t make it on time.

NO FEES/SALES COMMISSIONS are to be COLLECTED after the 2-Day event.

Registration will still be on a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED BASIS, therefore only the FIRST 25 Creators (as an Individual or a group) to send complete requirements (including the payment for the advance tickets –- payment details to be discussed later) will be accommodated.

4. THERE ARE NO LIMITS AS TO THE NUMBER OF COPIES YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO SELL. Metro Comic-Con is a 2-day event, and the organizers leave it to the Indie Creators’ judgment the number of copies they think would be enough to sell within 2 days. However, the indie creators shall be required to DECLARE THE SPECIFIC TITLES/ISSUE NUMBERS/INDIE-RELATED ITEMS they will be selling.

5. Participants shall be allowed to sell ONLY THE ITEMS THEY HAVE DECLARED. THE ORGANIZERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONFISCATE items that were not declared but are being sold at the event.

6. The Indie Creators are expected to keep their materials READER-FRIENDLY. Comics with MATURE-THEMED STORIES are expected to have contents that would NOT go beyond artistic nudity and minimal cursing.


8. Participants are expected to be CONSIDERATE of other participants. YOU NEED NOT DISPLAY ALLYOUR ITEMS AT THE SAME TIME. This also holds true to those who plan to bring LARGE STANDEES/TARPAULINES. See to it that using the display won’t render the Indie Creators next to you NON-EXISTENT. Use your space wisely and considerably.

9. The use of electronic gadgets that would require electrical sockets and additional space such as LCD projectors, CD players, Mini-Component, is prohibited. The use of LAPTOPS/NOTEBOOKS is okay, granted that it will run on its own batteries and would not eat up other creators’ spaces.

10. Participants are expected to be at the venue at least 1 HOUR BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS, each day for 2 days. This is to make sure that everyone’s prepared before the entrance gate opens. Participants are also expected to clean up their places before leaving, after the event.

11. You’ve already read everything, now FILL OUT the REGISTRATION FORM. Once completed, email the filled-out registration form to , subjected as “MCC 2010 Indie Registration”. Please attach to your email along with the Registration Form DIGITAL COPIES OF THE COVERS OF YOUR INDIE/S in JPEG format, maximum of 100 dpi. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE SAID REQUIREMENTS WOULD NOT GET YOU REGISTERED.

The MCC Team shall email you back with a confirmation of your email, along with the bank account number where you would be asked to deposit the PhP200 fee for the advanced tickets. Indie Creators will be given 2 working days to deposit the fee and to email us the payment details. A SLOT SHALL ONLY BE AWARDED TO THE REGISTRANT SOON AFTER THE COMPLETION OF THE PAYMENT. A list of successful registrants will regularly be updated and posted on the website and the MCC DeviantArt account.

12. The successful registrants shall be required to drop by the event venue during the ingress period to claim their advanced tickets. Please stay tuned for more details and schedule info!

Please click this link to get the downloadable registration form: LINK

ACT NOW! :-)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Komikon 2010

I just got this news from Komikon Deviant art Account.

The 6th Annual Philippine Komiks Convention (KOMIKON) 2010 will be on November 13, 2010, Saturday at the Starmall Trade Hall (corner EDSA and Mandaluyong City)

watch out for details on the event.

Komikon Deviant Art
Komikon Official Site

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Nelong Nuclear

He is coming....

Nelong Nuclear will be the next opponent of Kalayaan.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kalayaan Comics on Glyphwall

Kalayaan comics , now available on Glyphwall - check it out. Glyphwall is a site dedicated to lovers of stories and comics. You can now take order of my comics from this site.

Thank you very much to Paolo Fabregas for doing this and helping me out with the distribution of my comics. Paolo is the creator/writer/artist of FHL (Filipino Heroes League). Please do check it out too.