Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sudden Change of Name

For many months now, I have been waiting for a new spin-off title of Invincble. And that is the Guardians of the Globe. When suddenly, around some time in June. Image comics decided to change the title from 'GUARDIANS of the GLOBE' to the new 'GUARDING the GLOBE'. What the heck? What gives? The first title is much cooler than the previous one. And they have been using it for many years now.

I was looking on many comic news sites regarding this. But just like I am, they are also on the dark on this. Some of my friends told me some speculations that it had a conflict with 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Those are just speculation. And we have a tagalog word for that -> 'Kwentong Barbero'. But I do not want to just speculate on things. I want hard facts. Then I remembered Ryan Ottley (artist of Invincible) having a DA(DeviantArt) account. And I recall that he replied on my comment once (kinilig ako nun... :D). He is such a nice guy, so I asked him about it. And today I was surprised (kinilig nanaman) that he answered my question.

(click the image to enlarge)

As it turns out, The speculation of my friends are somehow true. The word 'GUARDIANS' is copyrighted by Marvel. What a bummer, so does this means that no one can use that word as a title other than Marvel?

Yeah... I know, the later part of my message shows that I am such a die hard fan boy. I just could not help it. :D

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sulyap Video

Sulyap Video by Omeng Estanislao

Friday, August 27, 2010


A few months ago, I said that I have been collaborating with great people in the comic industry. And we have something wonderful in stored that will be unveil in this coming month.

Well, that secret project is SULYAP. It is an Anthology of 8 'indie' artist (including me). This was possible through the same people that gave us KOMIKON. This will be available on November 13, during the Komikon event in StarMall. I hope that you would support this project. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kalayaan Zombie

Thank you very much to Kevin Ang for making this scary but nice Kalayaan Zombie fan art. Kevin is the creator of Zombies in manila. Here are their links...


Monday, August 23, 2010

Metro Comicon Event

Thank you very much to all of the people behind Metro Comicon. You have just given us one heck of an event. Thanks also to all of the people who bought Kalayaan #10 and back issues of Kalayaan comics. I hope you enjoy reading them as much I enjoy making them.

The above picture is my interview with Hero TV. I hope that they air this in Hero TV Channel or at lease upload it on Youtube. 'Lagi po kayong manonood ng Hero TV. Dahil dito, kayo ang Bida'. That was the TV crew told me to say in front of the camera after the interview. Thank GOD I have it correctly on the first take. :D
RJ Ledesma (Actor/TV Host) bought multiple issues of my comics. He is such a happy and game person. Sya pa mismo ang nag aya sa akin na mag papicture kami. He also insisted on having his picture taken with Macoy and the other Bayan Knights after he their comics. Ang bait... sobra.. :D

Here is one of the most awesome costplayer in MCC. And I have to make sure that I got a chance to have my picture taken with War Machine. :-)

Manila Man, John Becaro, Me, Jaybee Bonus, Robin Rivero, Mark Rosario and porn star master.... Myke 'Clawie' Guisinga.

With only a few hours of sleep. Halatang halata na puyad ako sa picture na ito. :-(

Here is a picture of me and Nikko Bernardo. A long time local comics supporter that just completed his Kalayaan comics by getting issue #8,#9 and #10. Thanks Nikko, sana ay hindi ka magsawa sumoporta sa mga local comics.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

MCC Aftershock

Thank you very much to those who bought Kalayaan #10 and the back issues of Kalayaan comics. Sana po ay hindi kayo magsawa sa pagsuporta sa amin.

I still have an aftershock from the two day event of Metro Comicon. I will post other pictures and news from the event much much later, when all the dust had settled in. For now, I will take a rest that is definetely needed by my body. Thanks again.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

K10 is ready for MCC

Kalayaan #10 is ready for Metro Comicon. I just finished packaging them last night. Talk about photo finished. Now I can turn my panic mode off.

Metro Comicon

Metro Comicon 2010 is here. Sa sabado na po ito mga kababayan. Suportahan po sana natin ito. See you all there at Megamall.

(click image to enlarge)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DC Heroes on 3D

Glimpse this dark alternate reality, and how it's earth-shattering events will reverberate through the modern-day DC universe.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Series of Unfortunate Events

I was so late arriving at our office today (you just won't believe how late I was) because I slept around 3am last night(or should I say morning). I was up late because I was printing many covers, and to my dismay, my printer just broke. Good thing that I have already printed the cover of Kalayaan #10 a few days ago. I really felt bad that I could not print other covers that has been assigned to me by my fellow Bayan Knights.

The last page of Kalayaan #10 is almost complete. I am just Inking the last panel. I also need to layout and letter 3 pages of it. I hope I can finish it tonight.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be going to a client in Kalaw (Manila) that I had an exchange of unpleasant words a week ago. I will try to be professional enough to finish their 'Invoicing System' so that I can leave early to finish stapling and packaging Kalayaan #10. That is, if I can wake up early and photocopy the pages at U.P. shopping center on the same day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gamer VS. Gamer

I will be attending this event, together with other local independent comic publisher. We will be selling out individual comics under the Komikon table. I hope to see you all guys there.

(click the image to enlarge)

Monday, August 09, 2010

Rober Kirkman Interview

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirk is scheduled to be aired in the next few months. But before that, he has just been interviewed by GQ. I really admire this man for being so gutsy on the things that he says and the things that he do in the comic industry. Below is only one my favorite Q and A from the entire interview.


GQ: You gave up doing work-for-hire comics a few years back to do creator-owned work full-time. And you raised some eyebrows in the industry by saying publicly that other high-profile creators should do the same. Why did you think it was important to say that, and risk the kind of flak you got for saying it?

Robert Kirkman : In comics right now, it seems like all creators are doing is saying, "I'll write Spider-Man for a few years, and then I'll write Superman for a few years, and then I'll write Batman for a few years, and then I'll write Fantastic Four for a few years." And historically, if you look at that, that leads to a diminishing career. People get sick of you writing the same characters over and over. People lose interest, and your career kind of piddles out, and you have to go off and do something else, and it doesn't really help the industry at all. In the '30s and the '40s and the '50s and the '60s, all the people that were doing comics were creating new characters, and that's where we got our Spider-Mans and our Supermans, and even Wolverine and all that stuff, in the '70s. But nowadays people basically have an entire career where all they do is write corporate characters, and I think that's a bad thing for them, and it's a bad thing for the industry. We need to introduce new stuff to keep comics interesting. If all we're doing is Spider-Man and the fan base gets sick of Spider-Man, comics are over. I'm making a fantastic living doing my own stuff, and I just wanted to make sure that people knew that was possible, and that I felt it should be done, for whatever that's worth. I figured I might as well be the guy that was like, "We don't have to write Spider-Man, guys."

Sunday, August 08, 2010

LSS = Upside Down

LSS = Upside Down by 6 CycleMind
I really like this version.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Manila Man Teaser

Check out this new video teaser from Manila Man creator Rhiver Quilantang.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

K10 - Front and Back cover

Kalayaan #10 - Front and Back Cover.

Front Cover by Me
Colors by (Front and Back) : Omi Remalante JR. :iconspidey0318:
Back Cover by : Jomar Bulda :iconorphanshadow:
Back Cover inks by : Analiza Chris Agot :iconinkersomething:

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I gave up drinking any kind of alcohol at exactly 10 years ago. Pero kahit noong umiinom pa ako dati, aminado ako na hindi talaga masarap ang beer at lalong lalo na ang mga hard drinks. Umiinom lang ako noon kapag may problema at galit ako sa sarili ko, kapag gusto kong pahirapan ang sarili ko, at kung minsan naman ay naaaya lang ako ng mga kaibigan ko.

Pero ngayon, kahit ayain pa ako ng mga malalapit kong kamag anak ay hindi na talaga ako mapilit nila. Eto naman ang malalaking pasasalamat ng asawa ko sa akin. Kinukwento kasi nya sa akin noong dalaga pa sya ay pinag darasal nya na wala sanang bisyo ang mapangasawa nya. Katulad ko rin kasi, laki rin sya sa hirap kung saan ang mga kapitbahay namin kadalasang may session tuwing sabado at lingo. With matching yosi pa ang mga yun.

Sa bansa natin kung saan laganap ang kahirapan, imbes na mag paka lunod sa alak, sigarilyo at kung ano ano pang bisyo. Mas maganda sana ay ipunin na lang natin ang perang pang bili nito at gastusin na lang sa pagkain ng ating pamilya.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


ASAN KA NA? (Where are you now?)

This is the Mask and knife of Talim (Blade), a character created by a good friend Omi Remalante Jr. This is a promo image for Omi on his up coming comics TALIM due in November 2010. I owe Omi many times over because he have been coloring the cover of Kalayaan in issue 5, 7 and 10. I really wish him luck on this project.