Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bayan Knights 3rd Year Anniversary

I know that it is a little bit late, but what the heck. Happy 3rd year Anniversary to Bayan Knights.Sorry I could not make it this time. Bawi na lang ako sa susunod.

The cute fan art above is created by Gamaliel Paz

Monday, August 29, 2011

GTMACCon 2011

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Three new fan art

I just love the (Pinoy Naman) idea of this fan art :D. Created by International Indie artist Jethro Morales. After finishing his gig in the Hack/Slash title, he is now working on the Flying Sparks. I'm so happy that another fellow Filipino is making it's wave in the international scene. I hope that he would get more main stream projects in the future. Go go go Jethro, ang galing mo bro. :-)

When I first saw this one, I just went 'WOW' in m y head. I was totally Speachless. Thanks to Tots Valeza for making this wonderful art.

This one remind me of Son Gohan on his teens. Thanks to Gamaliel Paz for this one. He is actually a new fan of Kalayaan from the Bayan Knights Facebook group page. At first he got confused between Pag-Asa and Kalayaan. But right now I think he can already tell the difference between the two.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Write Ups

From time to time, I would receive links from other people that have written something about me and my comics. And every time I read each and single one of them, it fuels my interest in producing more issues. It recharges my enthusiasm to make more stories and art. And each time I receive a link, I make sure that I add them to my collection of links. Thank you very much to every one who had supported me from the very beginning up to this day.

With that said, here are my collection of links of Write Ups that people had made for me and my comics.

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June 12,2011

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Oct. 18,2010 -

AstigTV Interview

June 9,2010 - The Blurb by Jonas Diego and Johnny Danganan.

May 17,2010 - POC (Philippine Online Chronicle) - by Macoy Tang

March 5,2010 - Pinoy Herald -

December 2009 - UNO MAGAZINE - by Mihk Vergara

Dec. 10,2009 - Review: Kalayaan ni Gio Paredes - by Hazel Manzano

Nov. 29,2009 - Living The Geek Dream - by Comicology

Aug.27,2009 - Kalayaan #7 Comics Review - by Mark Rosario

March 17,2009 - KOMIKS REVIEW: Kalayaan #6 - by Mark Rosario

February 2009 - FHM Philippines

Jan. 19,2009 - Komiklopedia : Creator Profile

Oct.23,2008 - Kalayaan #1-4 Comics Review - by Mark Rosario

June 18,2008 - Kalayaan comic review - by Jaybhoi

June 6,2008 - Kalayaan 4: Gio's bold, unprecedented move - by Robin Rivero

Monday, August 22, 2011

Big K on GTMACCon

Thanks to Mr. Kit Perez on making this promotional poster for this coming event. And I might say that we are very much on the same phase when it comes on our way of thinking regarding the local scene today. Please read below what he just said on the GTMACC Facebook group page.


To all those who were with us in this GTMACCON 2011 profile pic campaign, we thank you for being one with our effort of not only promoting our upcoming event... but also showing that you still have faith in the talent of our pinoy comic book artists.

We do hope your support for our local comic book industry will not end after 10.22.11 but rather your appreciation will continue to grow thus inspiring our local artists to come up with their best works yet.

If we can be fans of foreign cultures because we thing these are 'cool' why not look within our own bounds and see why the rest of the world thinks Filipinos artistry maybe second to none.

We cannot change public preference overnight. We are but one small group. But at least we can proudly say, we dared to take that first step.

It had to start somewhere and by your showing your support i say that change has begun here.

Thank you.
Kit Perez

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


GTMACC stands for Gaming, Toys, Manga Anime, Cosplay and Comics.

It's a group in Facebook that had gotten so large that they will conduct their very own event this coming October 22 at SM San Lazaro, Manila. The event is being spear headed by Mr. Kit Perez and Andrew Villar (creator of Ambush comics). And what's very interesting on this event is that one of their aim, is to help Pinoy indie comics creator like me by encouraging cosplayers to cosplay Pinoy Superheroes (How cool is that). It's like they have read my mind.

First of, I just want to say I do not have anything against Manga, Anime or anything Japanese. In fact, I actually love Japanese cartoons. I grew up watching Voltez V, Bioman, Daimos and Dragonball Z. I also love the Japanese culture and movies. When I was in elementary, I wanted to be a Ninja so much I created countless Ninja weapons and Ninja clothes. They are all cool and that, but as I got older, I realize that I should also love my own culture. Napag isip-isip kong dapat din nating mahalin ang sariling atin. I guess, that is one of the reasons why I created my character KALAYAAN. At kapag umaatend ako ng mga event at nakikita ko na karamihan sa mga cosplayers natin ay banyagang character ang kanilang kino-cosplay ay napapaisip ako at sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na "Sana dumami pa sana ang nagco-cosplay ng mga Pinoy Characters. Pinoy naman sana". And thankful enough, this is what the organizers of GTMACC event is aiming for. I am realy optimistic and also excited on this event.

On this event, I will also realese Kalayaan #0. The promotional issue of Kalayaan comics that will only cost P10 a copy. This issue will only be in black and white (including the cover). But I am also working out on things that I might print a version of this with a colored cover. This colored cover will cost more than the black and white version but still very much affordable. I plan to sell the colored version around P20 each. So wish me luck that I could have additional funds on this coming weeks to come.

So you better mark your calendar now. October 22, that's Saturday from 10AM to 8PM at SM San Lazaro Manila. I hope to see all of you there. :-)

Friday, August 12, 2011

3D Printer

I'm totally blown away with this new 3D printer. It makes the StarTrek replicator much much closer to reality. The only BIG question right now in my mind is the cost of the machine. Just like any other good idea. No matter how brilliant it is, if it cost too much, it will not be feasible and practical in the real world.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday, August 08, 2011

K-site updated

I just recently updated the Kalayaan Comics Official site. I have added many works of art on the Fan Art Section . Making it a whooping total of 96 pieces. Thank you very much to those people that created them. And what's interesting is that I'm not finished yet. I still have not added the recent fabulous art of Carlo Vergara and Bong Dacanay.

And if you have not seen it yet, there is already a 3 youtube videos on the site as well. And also the web comics 'Magkasanga' by Reno Maniquis and a comics strip section provided by Ramil Ibay and my self.

I hope like it.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

K12 preview

Kalayaan #12 page 23 preview

Monday, August 01, 2011

Kalayaan by Bong Dacanay

Kalayaan fully digital Fan art by Bong Dacanay.

I am so impressed with this art work of Bong that as early as today, I will annouce that I will use this as the Back Cover of Kalayaan #13. He told me that when he was doing this, he was actually thinking of what could Kalayaan looked like if it is going to be created as a movie or a TV series.

Thank you very much Bong.

(click the image to enlarge)