Monday, December 29, 2008

Creating an Indie Comics - 3. Page Layout

It is wise to have a page layout laid in for visual reference in advance before you do the actual pages. This will be the way the pages must be properly organize or sequensed. Other wise the pages will jumble all over your comics. To give you a more idea on what I am talking about. Please see the figure below.

This will give you a birds eye view on what your comics will look like. So that just in case for example that you want to put a 2 page spread on your comics, you will know where is the exact page is best suited for them. The example above is just one way that you can arrange your comics. If you need more pages for your comics, you can remove the pin-up page,fan-art section and ads and move them and compress them in one page at the back area of your comics if you want to.

This also can help you on making the script. It will give you an idea what page of the story you want to give emphasis on. It will also help you on creating the thumb nails for the story, and give you an idea on how to divide the story of that issue on a specific number of pages.

(Kalayaan #5 - page 1 and 20)

Because of the Page Layout that I draw on a piece of paper. I know that when I scan my sequential pages and edit them on photoshop, page 1 and page 20 will be the pages that will pair. Page 20 will be on the left side and page 1 will be on the right side. So, the example image above is already ready for printing.

Please also check Gerry Alanguilan's creating mini-comics.


Chorvaqueen said...

Hmm, will the humble photocopier work? Well, excluding the cover of course :P

Gio Paredes said...

Yup Chorva. (I kinda like the sound of that :D)

That is what the most of indie comic publisher are doing right now. We just photocopy the internal pages.