Friday, November 23, 2012

Pirated BUKO

This is Bembol Buko. One of the character that Bien del Rosario created for this Adoboverse. As I have posted before I will be working with him on the next issue of Kalayaan (Issue #14 where Kalayaan goes to Adoboverse). Bembol Buko is actually not included on the script that I created of Kalayaan #14. But I was very surprised a few days ago....

One afternoon, when I was going to fetch my youngest daughter from her school in North Fairview. I saw this Buko stand with his character on his front tarp. I immediately recognized Bembol Buko and text Bien about it. He was pretty upset but I guess he is just too nice that he just let it go. He just simply said that the one who created that tarp probably just googled the image. I guess they are just too lazy to create their own original character and just steal someone else. Na Sotto ang charcter ni Bien. :-(

I thought that this kind of thing only happens to a Big company like Marvel and DC. Pati pala ang mga Indie na tulad namin ay na Pi-Pirata na rin ang mga characters. This is just very sad, there is no telling that others are still out there. It was purely chance that I saw this. What if there is another naughty  guy outher somewhere in... let's say in Mindanao or Visayas area that decided to do this same kind of thing. We could never know. :-(

You can find all of the original character of Bien here ->

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Kalayaan #14

Kalayaan #14 - In this issue, as the cover says. Kalayaan will go to Adoboverse. For those who have already bought the previous issue, this answers the question of the last page.

Sa maniwala po kayo o sa hindi. Marunong din po ako ng Catoony na style ng pag-du-drawing. Mapalad po akong pinagkatiwalaan ni Bien del Rosario (creator of Adoboverse) na iguhit ang kanyang mga characters. Kaya sana po ay pagkatiwalaan nyo rin po ako. Maraming salamat.