Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

Bayan Knights saving people from the typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana).
Kalayaan by Gio Paredes

Kabalyero by Renie Palo

Mananabas by Redge Vicente

Gwapoman by Aaron Felizmenio

Maso by Ramil Ibay

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Take responsibility

This was on the Yahoo News Philippines this morning.

MMDA chief on floods: Blame me

MANILA - Metro Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani Fernando on Monday shouldered the blame for the massive flooding that hit the National Capital Region over the weekend but said he will not resign from his post.

In an interview, Fernando said the responsibility of enhancing Metro Manila's flood control system falls on his shoulders as MMDA chief. "Blame it on me kaysa sisihin pa natin ang Diyos. It's up to them what they want to do with me but I will not resign as MMDA chairman," he told ABS-CBN.

The MMDA chief said government officials in areas affected by the floods should also take part of the blame since they did not ensure the safety of their constituents. He said the increase in infrastructure in every city takes a toll on the environment.

Fernando, who is mulling a possible presidential bid next year, said last Saturday's massive flood could happen again if no solution is found. "It's a 100-year cycle. It will keep repeating itself unless someone with political will will lead the country," he said.

I really commend the MMDA chairman for saying this. He did not blame other people , but instead he just took the responsibility into him self. That is one characteristic of a good leader. Instead of making another problem, he is just focusing on the solution.

This thing (floods in Metro Manila) will tend to happen again if we do not find a solution, and that is a better sewage/drainage system. "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". Giving food, shelter and clothes to the flood victim is good. But it is only a cure and not a prevention. If we really are serious to help our fellow men. We should find a prevention. We could not just give food and shelter to people every time a flood comes, over and over and over again.

I sometimes think differently. During the last summer (and even last years summer[2008]) when the scorching heat of the sun is at its peak. I was not thinking about beach or swimming pool. But instead, I was thinking that it is the best time for MMDA to clean up the drainage of its garbage. Because at that time, it was very dry. I think of this because I believe in the theory of Albert Einstein "For every action,there is an equal and opposite reaction". It was very very hot. Therefore, I know then that there were going to be a big rain coming. I did not know when, but I know that it will come.

I only wish that our leaders would sometimes also think differently.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Me and my family was very fortunate. Because after seeing the devastation that typhoon Ondoy have brought around metro manila, I was very thankful to GOD that nothing terrible had happened to us. We did not experience any flood in our neighborhood. We did not had any electrical power failure. The only thing we lost temporarily was internet connection and phone for about 7 to 8 ours. And water interruption was only 4 hours. But other than that, we are pretty much okay. During the rains, we did not watched any news, instead we just watched some movies on our cable TV. So we did not have any idea on what was actually happening around metro manila. Without knowing, we actually enjoyed the cool weather of the rain. My kids even took a shower above our rooftop. And I took the pleasure of sleeping out the cool weather.

But after seeing the news just tonight. I was very saddened for all the lives that was lost. Shocked for all property that was destroyed. While watching the new, I could not help it to think that the government should start thinking to better the drainage system of Metro Manila. I do not even want to imagine the hardship that people who lives in Malabon and Navotas. The government should be serious on building a BIGGER and BETTER drainage system. Not small pipes that could only fit an average size dog. But more like a GIANT sewage system that can fit a 10 wheeler truck. I know that this would cost a lot of money. The high ranking government officials should stop politics and corruption for a while and start doing good things that would ensure the safety of the people.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mayweather the loudmouth

He is the most arrogant boxer that I have ever seen. Every body in the world would be jumping up and joy once Manny Pacquiao knocks out this good for nothing loudmouth. This is the second time I saw him disrespect a media person (and also him self). Like father like son. What can I say?

P.S. Brian Kenny... I love you man. :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kalayaan 8 - Page 2 and 3 preview

Here are page 2 and 3 of Kalayaan 8. This issue will be a little bit more violent than any of the previous issue. I only hope that other people will not be offended by the story of this issue. Because one scene in this issue. Alipin will once again kill a person. But this time, in a very brutal way.

Another uncharted waters I am going into.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have you acquired your first deal?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What the heck

(click image to enlarge)

I have an 82 (46%) votes in for the “GRASSROOT AWARD”. It is the category for the independent (indie) comics creator / publisher. I have to click the refresh button in my browser many times, just to check that I was getting the correct data just to make sure. I just simply could not believe it. I was stunned, because the last time I checked, I was only 4th in ranking in this category. And people that are nominated there are exceptionally good.This how ever does not guarantee me of winning. Because the organizers of Komikon also have to tally the votes in (DA) and the old school manual ballot voting that is conducted on a selected comics shops. I checked the Komikon DA page but the voting is already closed. So I do not have any idea on how I did there. But the last time I checked, I was 4th or 5th (I think).

Kalayaan comics (one scene) was also nominated in the “Best Comic Scene”. But I have little or no hope of winning that one. But that is okay, better luck next time. :-)

For those who vote for me, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.

-Gio Paredes

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just got this from an email from an old friend. Some times, truth really hurts. And this is a good example of it.


(I am not wondering anymore)
Miriam Defensor Santiago was featured in Correspondents.

Maganda rin naman ang naidudulot ng pagiging prangka ni Senador Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Ayon kay Santiago ,maramiang tumatak-bong Senador dahil sa laki ng budget na ibinibigay sa kanila kada buwan.

Lumalabas na P35,000 suweldo nila kada buwan ay pakitang-tao lang sa milyun-milyong budget ng bawat senador... Kada buwan ay may Fixed Monthly Budget ang bawat Senador ng humigit-kumulang P2 Milyon.

Sa opisina pa lang nila ay humigit-kumulang P500,000 ang budget nila sa Maintenance and Operating Expenses (Rental, Utilities, Supplies at Domestic Travels) at P500,000 para sa Staff at Personal expenses. Kaya para makatipid ang ibang Senador, kaunti lang ang staff na kinukuha nila Nagtataka ka pa kung bakit mayroong mga Ghost Employee?

Bukod diyan, may P760,000 allowance pa sila kada buwan para naman sa Foreign Travel. At ang masakit pa nito, hindi na kailngan i-liquidate ang mga resibo ng mga gastusin 'yan kundi certification lang ang Requirement.

Heto pa, lahat sila ay Chairman ng mg Komite sa Senado. Ang Committee Chairman ay tumatanggap din ng budget na sinlaki ng tinatanggap ng mga Senador na humigit-kumulangP1 Milyon din! Hindi sila mawawalan ng Komite dahil 24 lang ang ating mga Senador at 37 naman ang Committee sa Senado.

There's food for everybody 'ika nga! Lumalabas na doble ang kanilang benepesiyo at kita kapag sila ay nabiyayaan ng Committee Chairmanship.

Sa P200 milyon na Budget para sa Pork Barrel ng mga Senador bawat taon, awtomatikong may 10% na S.O.P. o kita ng Senador na P20 milyon. Ito ang porsiyento na ibinibigay ng mga kontratista sa mga Senador na nagbibigay sa kanila ng mga Infrastructure at Livelihood Project.

Bago matapos ang termino ng isang Senador, kumita na siya ng P100 milyon sa Pork Barrel pa lang. Yung ibang Senador mas gahaman, hindi lang 10% kundi 20 - 30% ang komisyon hinihingi sa mga kontratista.

Pansinin niyo na lang ang pagbabago ng buhay ng ilan sa ating mga Senador simula nang manungkulan sa puwesto. Kung dati ay simple lang ang kanilang pamumuhay ngayon ay nakatira na sila sa mga eksklusibong subdivision, maraming bahay sa Pilipinas at abroad at mahigit lima angsasakyan.

Ngayon nagtataka ka pa ba kung bakit gumagastos ng daan-daang milyong piso ang mga Senador sa kampanya para sa isang posisyon na P35,000 lang ang suweldo kada buwan? Bawing-bawi pala ang gastos kapag naupo na!


One of the reasons why the Philippines will never, ever get off the ground...... ayon..... . kaya talagang mahirap pan umasenso ang bansang Pilipinas - yung mismo nilang gobierno ninanakawan and kanilang kapuwa taong pilipino at hindi pa iyan..... hindi pa sila nagbabayad ng buwis sa bansa - kaya lahat ng kalyehon lubak-lubak at masyadong madumi at mababaho!!!

Hindi na sila nahiya sa kanilang nakikita.... eh kasalanan naman nila yoon - dapat sa kanila pumunta lahat ng mahihirap...
..we should be thankful to miriam defensor santiago for being fair dinkum and honest about this - for exposing these people - that is what the country needs are - whistleblowers - if there are no whistleblowers the country will never ever prosper and will just sit in the sidelines watching with envy the prosperity of the other southeast asian countries
-look at Vietnam now, much better...... .while the rest of the new breed of filipinas are just maids -
the present level of education has also deteriorated in that country - whether it be ateneo, up, la salle - they could not compete anymore - they do not know how to use their education to better up their poor country, they prefer to steal not to assist in the path of prosperity for their country - they lack human factor and social conscience and no social responsibility.

...the result of a poor level of education.
so wake up, you filipinos paying your taxes there, stop defending your corrupt masters and do something!!! !!
we all feel so sorry for you....


Gil P. Tan, CPA
LLL Accounting Office
Bonifacio St., Barangay 4
San Francisco, Agusan del Sur
8501 Philippines

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Excited N B U? Excited N Me.

These are some of the preview pages of Bayan Knights #3. I took the liberty of getting these images at Gilbert Monsanto's DA gallery. They are just simply awesome. The target date of Bayan Knight #3 will be on October 18, during this years Komikon at the Megatrade hall in Megamall.

And on top of that, the cover is created by non other than International Super Star comic book artist Leinil Francis Yu. Saan ka pa nyan. :D

Now if only we could get Whilce Portacio to do the cover of issue 4. :D Just wishful thinking.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kayo na po ang humatol

Mikey Arroyo interview regarding his Statement of Asset and Liabilities.

From 5 Milliion in 2002
to 76.9 Million in 2005
to 99 million in 2008

Panoodin nyo na lang po ito at kayo na po ang humatol mga kababayan.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Kalayaan 8 cover

(click image to enlarge)

This is the Kalayaan 8 cover. Pencil and Inks by yours truly. Colors by Gilbert Monsanto.