Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm baaaack

I came back to our office in ortigas this january after having a leave of absence for 4 months because of a health issue. But I'm well now and feeling stronger. It was also just the right time when I came back because one of my office mate was celebrating her birthday.

It's a little bit funny coz, I have been with this company for over five years now. And this is the only picture that I have with all of the staff.

Maybe because I am with them only three times a week, since I am only part time employed to them. My other free time, I spend it with other clients of mine.

I consider my self as a freelance programmer/analyst. That is more convenient for me because I have more control over my time. But this company have been so much attached to me that I consider my self as part of their family.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Learning New Things

I just updated this blog site. I have just added those little cute icons on the right side of the panel. Little by little I am learning new things on simple html coding. Up until now, I haven't got around on learning html code. I am used to look at Visual Foxpro code, because that is what I primary use for work and when I was in collage I used Pascal and C.

I also added a clock just below it. Cool huh. I got that idea from Reno Maniquis.

It's sure is fun playing with html page.
Now, what else could I modify next time? Hmmmm. :-)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Toys of our lives

I recently bought Captain America and Red skull action figure. This is the first time again for many many years now that I have bought a toy for myself. Last time was I think, 9 or 10 years ago.

I was planning to buy this for the longest time now. I was really impress how detailed of the craftmanship for this toy. Specially on the part of the face of Captain America, it is very life like, specially for its small size.

My wife doesn't have anything against it. In fact, a few months ago she even encourages me to buy Superman and a Batman action figure when she saw Julius Babaw on TV showing off his StarWars collection. How nice is that huh. I’m so glad I married a person that could understand me. Coz when I was in highschool and college I used to collect alot of G.I.Joe action figures and vehicles. I would save my lunch money for months just to buy Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.
But my Mother doesn't approved (for my Father its just ok). She said "Ang tanda tanda mo na, naglalaro ka pa ng robot-robot". That really irritates me. But I just controls myself and humbly says that "Hindi po ito robot ma. G.I.Joe action figures po."

And my brother and sisters doesn't helped too. They often teases me when they sees me thinkering with my collection. "Para kang tumatanda ng paurong ah. College ka na naglalaro ka pa nyan." I just keep quite and continue on what I was doing.

Most of the time, if I bought a new one, I would hide it on my backpack as I pass along our sala. And opened it inside my room. That also goes to the comics that I buy. My sister says its a totally waste of my money, specially when she learned how expensive they were (kuripot kasi yung ate kong iyon.).

For me it was not a waste of time or money. On the part of comics, I consider them also as an investment. I said to my self, if I buy an ordinary comics today, maybe in the future I could sell it higher than what I bought it. Specially if it is very rare and in mint condition. Just like the death of Superman issue. I also told to my sibling back then that the first issue of Superman was hundreds of thousands dollars now. And on the part of Toys, aside from being fun to collect, they give me inspiration in life and on my work too. And that is one thing you cannot buy.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhone - Beyond iPod

It's January again and it is time for another MacWorld keynote from Steve Jobs. Every time I see him do his stuff on stage and present a new product(that could be either software or hardware) I always get inspired on my work as a programmer. And this time Apple company did it again. Last January 9 they have presented the most advanced mobile hand held device in the world (well that is at least my opinion).

It's the new iPhone.
It is beyond than just a Phone. It is the next big thing happened since the ever popular iPod, coz it is an iPod, a Phone and a internet device roll into one. It also has a built-in google map, widget, safari browser and it all runs on top of Mac OS-X. How cool is that.

You can go to or (and try the keyword is MacWorld 2007) to watch the video.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cover or Pin-up?

This is a drawing I recently created. At first, this was intended as the front and back cover of the second issue of Kalayaan comics (I already finished the first issue.).
But now I am having second thoughts on making it just a free pin-up poster inside the second issue.
Or maybe It could be both. I dont know.
I will just make up my mind sooner or later.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Bad guy

Here is Vorgon, one of the Villains that I have created during my collage days. This character is also one of the main character of the comics (Kalayaan) that I am working on.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

First of all. Happy New Year. I hope 2007 will be better to us all than last year.

Here is another old drawing that I made when I was still a student of Gilbert Monsanto at LEARN in SM Megamall. They are called SANDIGAN, a characters created also by Gilbert Monsanto.