Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friends meeting

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Art of Benedict Estanislao

Me and my old classmate had a little get together recently. One of them is my old time buddy Ben. He was actually very surprised and happy for me that I am into comics. Because back in our collage days Ben, Edmund and I always talks about comics. And we all have the passion for art. Too bad we do not have anymore communication with Edmund anymore.
Anyway, Ben was also surprised to know that I still have his old drawing with me. The image below, he calls War Axx. This was drawn.. I think around 1992 - 1993, if I am not mistaken. I was too tired and too lazy do edit and remove the dirt on it. Email ko na lang sa iyo pareng Ben ang high resolution ng mga image na ito. Ikaw na lang ang mag ayos sa photoshop. Mas magaling ka naman sa akin duon ng di hamak. :-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

B.S.Math - Part 4

At first, the purpose to these videos were for our collage reunion. 
As I went along doing these videos, I started enjoying doing it. 
It is becomming more of a hobby for me now. 
And I also started having many ideas regarding video editing. 

Some of those ideas not necessarily connected to our collage reunion. 
It is more of a personal and wacky videos on my head. 
I only hope I could find time to create all of these ideas on my head.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

B.S.Math - Part 3

When I uploaded the first part of these series of videos pertaining to our college life. Most of my classmates did not agree with the music that I put (Farewell). Some said "Ang baduy, wag naman farewell, workout natin ang music."

Hep, hep, hep, lang po mga chocaran... part 1 pa lang iyon eh. I'm just warming up. You will see on the succeeding videos what I mean. Konting patience lang mga tol.

I choose the "Farewell" song because it is the first thing that comes into my mind when I remember our collage days. I't is the song that we sung right before our graduation day. Remember?
If you come to think of it and scrutinize the lyrics of the song it says "Farewell to you my friends. WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN. DON'T WORRY COZ IT'S NOT THE END OF EVERYTHING." Ohhh diba? Easy lang kayo... walang kokontra. hehehe.

Tulad nga ng nasabi ko na sa inyo..... "You aint seen nothin yet"

Watch out for the part 4..... mas kwela ang gagawin ko duon. :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


As a programmer, many of my clients where surprised to know that I'm a math major. They would mostly say "Ha? B.S.Math ka?" Yes yes, I'm a mathematician. I graduated in P.U.P. batch 95. Me and my collage classmates recently had a convergence here in the net and planning to have a reunion.

So thats the reason that I created this video. To pump up things. This ones for you guys and gals.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Election in the Philippines

It's election once again. And I have become a good citicen and voted once again.
There were times that I really don't want to. Because of the frustrations that I feel for our government.

Politics here in the Philippines is dirty. Both figurative and literally. I will sarcastically say to my wife "Ooops, election nanaman. May brown out nanaman". And who is going to clean all of these election parapernalias around metro manila? Probably our poor metro aid. They should raise the salaries of these people. That's were should our taxes go.

In fairness, the precinct were I voted were surprisingly clean. There were very few paper laying around the streets. Compared to the last election. Last election was like the whole street were a big trash can. The jeepney drivers could not see the pot holes on the streets anymore.

Well..... until next election again.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

My boss once said that it is ok to celebrate your birthday.

But on that day then you were born. Instead of celebrating your self, instead of having the center of attraction to your self. You should go to you moms house, give her a big hug and thank her. Because on that day, one of her foot is already on the grave because of you.

When I thought of it. Gessshh, he's right.

Happy Mothers day Ma.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kalayaan #1 on display

Nope, this is not comic odyssey.
This is just my computer table.
Im just mimicing the actual look of the display in comic odyssey when I went there yesterday.

Nakakahiya kasing kuhaan ng picture duon sa loob. Ganoon pala ang feeling ng makita mong naka display na ang gawa mong komiks for sale na sa store. Ibang klase.
Maybe because this is my first time. I really felt proud and happy. Para nga akong security guard duon. I was spying to the people that were looking around at the indie section. Natutuwa ako kapag merong tumitingin . Kahit hindi sila bumili ok lang din. (Kayong mga veteran ganito rin ba kayo dati noong nagsisimula pa kayo?)
Lumabas pa nga ako para hindi masyadong halata. hehehe.
Kunyari nag titingin ng mga figurin duon sa labas.

Actually sa totoo nyan..Nahihiya nga ako..Because I really feel that my art in Issue #1 isnt really that good. Kinapalan ko lang talaga ang mukha ko. Hayyy, nasabi ko rin iyon sa wakas. I've been wanting to said that for the longest time.

I have made and learn some mistakes in that issue such as paper size, material to be use,character position and many more. I am still learning how to draw. Pero, in issue #2, I can say mas nag improve naman ako ng konti. I have already finished the pencils, ink and scanning of #2. Dialog na lang. I am also currently drawing #3.

I have noticed that the more I draw sequential pages, the more faster I become. Noong nag start kasi ako sa few pages of #1. Ang tagal. Isang page lang, it took me months. Nyek. Pero practice makes you better nga. Now I can finish a page a day. Whole day that is, without any interuption. Kapag may pasok ako sa office, it takes me longer(syempre). Sa gabi ko lang nagagawa. Around 10 - 1am. Tyagaan lang talaga to. There's no turning back now.

Thanks nga pala sa mga taga Comic Odyssey. Special to Sandy Sansolis for making the locally made komiks very visible on their store. Pag pasok mo palang..Boom..kitang kita.

Yung iba kasi ang hirap mag consign sa kanila, daming requirements. Samantalang sa Comic Odyssey, isang salita lang Go kaagad.

At kung matangap man duon sa iba, nasa isang sulok na tagong tago naman ilalagay. Kapag tatanungin mo pa ang sales lady at bibili ka. Sasabihin sa iyo. 'Anong title yun? Hmmmmm wala kami noon'. Pero meron naman. In short, they dont care. Paano kaya mabebenta iyon? Wawa naman ang indi komiks. :-(

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kalayaan #1 on Comic Odyssey

I have just delivered a few copies of Kalayaan #1 at Comic Odyssey Galleria today. It is a little bit earlier than my june schedule, but ... what the heck. I already created a handful, I couldn't just let it lieying around our house. Specially with my kids playing around.

I really want to thank Sandy Sansolis of Comic Odyssey for making this possible. And being a big supporter of the local komiks industry.
He said that he is also going to distribute it to their other branches.

Their branches are in
Level III, Expansion Mall
Robinson's Galleria
Edsa, corner Ortigas
Quezon City
(632) 914-0040

Space 068 Level III
Pedro Gil Wing
Robinson's Place Manila
M. Adriatico Street,
Ermita, Manila
(632) 536-8070

2nd Level - SM FAIRVIEW

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friends far and away

A few weeks ago. I just received an invite from my friendster account which I rarely check. To my surprise it was from my old classmate from collage. And from there, I got in touch to other of my old classmate and another and another. Well..., you know how this things works. You go the idea.

To my surprise. Most of them are already living abroad and happily married. America, Canada, Europe, etc. Thats where they are now.

I was kinda crazy talking to my self one day. "Anlang hiya... nangongopya lang tong mga to sa akin dati ah. Tapos ngayon naanduon na. Hehehehe."

All in all, I was very happy to get in touch to my old friends and classmate. Even thoe they are in the other side of the globe. This is one thing that I realy love about the internet. Being a tech guy my self. I never get tired of appreciating this technology. But getting in touch with many of my old friends/classmate, just got me appreciate it more.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bili na po kayo ng Komiks

Here are the copies of Kalayaan first issue that I just created. I would be very busy this May, going to stores to give proposal and sample copies to the store owners. I will now have a first hand trying to distribute this copies.