Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bang your Dead

Here is another drawing that I made. Hope you like it.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Batista is a Filipino

I can't believe it. Batista of WWE is a Filipino. He has a Filipino and Greek heritage. His real name David Michael Bautista. It was only last saturday when I saw the Jesica Sojo report show on GMA7. They were featuring Filipinos that had reach international stardom. Most of them I already know. But I had not any idea that Batista was one of them.

He recently had a Tatoo of the Philippine flag and Greek in his left shoulder. The Jesica Sojo Report show has a blurd and quick preview of it. Im still searching the net for his recent photo.

It's a good day to be a Filipino. Specialy after watching the Black Eyed Pease concert last night on Channel 2. I realy admire Allan Pineda(Apl) of having such a deep fealings of his heritage. His literally shouting out to the world that he is proud to be a Filipino.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Sad Story

Way back in 1997 when I was still working at a software company house as a database programmer, I met Rizalino ‘Bong’ Basit. Bong is a layout artist, he makes manual and books layout. We become friends right away. Even thou we were 6 boys there, me and bong are the tightest. He said he liked me, because I’m kind of moody, unlike the others that are happy go lucky kind of persons. Like there is no problem in the world. That’s the time that I noticed that this guy have some serious problem. Our office back then was in Robinsons Galleria basement. There were times that he would ask me out for a bucket of beer in food court after office hour. I would then told him about the things that would made me cry at night. And he would then told me about his problems with his family. His father, mother and sibling was always pressuring him to do this and do that. “Your already this age, you should be accomplished person like you brother, sister , cousin etc.”. His family wants him to go to abroad. But he wants to stay here. He was happy here.

After a few weeks, he got sick with chicken fox(Bulutong). He was relieve of his duty for one month. But after 5 long months we haven’t hear anything from him. One Friday afternoon, my boss asked me and Cocoy to go to his house and ask him he could go back to work. Cocoy is another programmer that knows Bongs house in Alabang. Bong still lives with his parents at that time. Cocoy and I arrived in alabang already late, around 10pm I guess. We were almost ask to go away by their maid if Bong had not saw our face. Bong already fully healed from the chicken fox, but you can see their marks on his face and body. We met his parents and sister there and asked to stay for the night and go home first thing in the morning. We agreed of course, coz it was late. Me, Cocoy and Bong spend the night in Bongs room. There were so many cool stuff there. Like a Stealth Bomber Air Plane that is still on a box and not yet assembled. I asked ask Bong if I could put it together. And I was very happy that he agreed. While I was busy with the plane, Bong and Cocoy was busy listening to music on a CD and recording them on a caset tape.

Saturday morning came. We said our good byes knowing that Bong would be back to work in a few weeks time. Me and Cocoy went back to work on Monday and Tuesday. But on Wednesday. We heard a staggering news. Bong committed SUICIDE and now he is DEAD. I asked Jane(our receptionist who received the call) what happened? She said Bong hang himself last Sunday and found dead on Monday. Its like, time had stood still for me for a few minutes. It took me quite some time to digest it and absorb it in my mind. It’s a weird felling, knowing that you were with someone before he dies.

We went back to his house and saw the things that he used to hang his self. I even saw the plane that I assembled that night. Bong is already laying on a coffin. His sister recognized Me and Cocoy right away and asked if she and her parents could talk to us in private. I was a little bit nervous at that time but we agreed(what else can we do?). His sister asked us what was Bongs state of mind the night that we spend the night there. Was he upset of someone or something? Cocoy said “Nothing. He was pretty ordinary. Like nothings the matter”. I also said the same thing. But deep inside know what was wrong. I know that their high expectation drive him mad. Mad at the world. Mad at himself. But I could not said that in front of his crying mother and father. They are already hurt as it is . Sometimes when we were drunk, I would tell Cocoy that Bongs family killed him. Back then I was really convinced that they were the reason that he committed suicide.

It was also kind of funny that, at that same time Parokya ni Edgar have just released their song “Buloy”. A song about friendship and at the end the other guy that he thought was strong killed him self. It was a perfect song that I could sing at that time. The timing is hair raising. Every time I here that song, I always remember him.

Looking back then, makes me feel so old. This month of August is his 9th year death anniversary. I guess, I just miss my old friend.