Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm not Mighty

One of my habit is to Google my name. And in many occasions that I find my name popping up in some forums, message board and blog site. But most of the thing that had catch my attention is people address me as 'Sir', 'Master' and others (believe it or not) 'Mighty Sir Gio Paredes'. Although I am very much flattered that people would address me with such a high regards, I still think that I do not deserve such a praise. Aside from publishing my own comics, I'm just a normal person like you. Even my friend Randy Valiente does not wanted to be called 'Master'. Dahil sabi nya 'Kung may Master ay mayroong Slave.".  Tama nga naman. So I really would appreciate it if people would just call me plain 'Gio'. At isa pa... pag Gio lang tawag nyo sa akin, feeling ko ay bata pa ako at hindi tumatanda. :-)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


FINALLY!.. There is now a Dedicated Table / Rack for Filipino Graphic Novel. This was taken at National Bookstore SM Fairview today. Here you can see Trese of Budjette Tan. Kalasag from Black Ink written by Jeffrey Marcelino Ong. Skyworld by Ian Sta Maria. Kalayaan comics by yours truly, Tiktik the comics adaptation of the movie and many other titles from Black ink. Sana yung ibang NBS branches ay ganito rin.

Here's another shot of the other side of the table/rack that is dedicated to Filipino graphic novels. In my opinion, one of the big contributing factor that NBS decided to this move is that the number of Black Ink titles that had been released. It is evident from the picture below that most of the book displayed here came from Black Ink. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Even Heroes need Heroes

Day in and day out, our soldiers heroically put their lives on the line to keep us secure, at times, risking their own family’s future. When they are Killed in Action (KIA) or become incapacitated in the line of duty, their families suffer the loss of both a loved one and family bread-winner. It's our time to help them. 

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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Reference for Future Fan Art

For those out there who wants to create a Kalayaan Fan Art. You can use this for reference. This is his current costume. I have just tweaked a few things here and there with the colors and other stuff.  I see a lot of fan art out there that deviates from his costume. Even though I am very much grateful for each and every one of them.  But I would appreciate it if the future fan art would stick to the original design. Thanks.