Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vanilla Ice - Roll em up

It's Vanilla Ice baby. As you never saw him before.

Friday, February 27, 2009

K3 - Page 11 and 12

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jim Carey & Eminem at MTV

Jim Carey is one of the most honest, sarcastic, comedian out there. And that is probably I like him very much. He say what he want to say, and does not care what other people might think or say back. But the good thing is that he put a little bit of humor on it so that the people would not be too much offended.

Just like Jim, Eminem also says what he wants to say and does not think the consequences. But unlike Jim, Eminem does not put any humor on it. Instead, he makes it as a rap music. Weather you like him or not. It is undeniable that his performance in this video is outstanding.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jim carey does Vanilla Ice

Long before Jim Carey became a comedian superstar. I was already following him in a weekly gag show named "In living colors" in the early 90's. In that show, he was the only white comedian guy there. I knew back then that this guy will make it big in Hollywood. This video is a good example of how good he is even back then.

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Open for Commissions

I am now accepting art commissions.

Simple and Quick Pinup -$20

One character in a simple action pose on a simple standard background. The character will be in full color done in soft-shaded coloring style.

Simple paraphernalia, such as swords, guns and other items are okay to include, but not vehicles, pets, side kicks, and other complicated objects.

Also, please feel free to suggest an action pose, but if you have in mind a more complex pinup, please consider getting a standard pinup commission.

File size: Approx 8.5x11, 300dpi.
File format: JPG or TIFF.

Standard Pinup - $30

A single character pinup, but drawn on simple background which when taken with the character generally tells a story or situation. Multiple characters are acceptable, but please add $5 per additional character. This will be full-color done in soft-shaded style.

Simple paraphernalia, such as swords, guns and other items are okay to include and can be done with no extra charge. For vehicles, pets, robot side kicks and other complicated objects, please add $5 per item.

File size: Approx 8.5x11, 300dpi.
File format: JPG or TIFF.

Note: For private commissions. only. If the pinup is for commercial use or if it involves non-disclosure or other agreements that prevent me from posting the pinup in my gallery or limit my right to the actual image in any way, please tell me beforehand so that we can discuss special arrangements.

Additional Info

1. Turnaround time is 5-7 days, depending on current workload.

2. Please provide all necessary character info, including screenshots or other visual references with request.

3. Upfront payment via PayPal ( is preferred.

Please note, though, that clients who have made advance payments will be prioritized.

Please send me a note or e-mail me at if interested.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kalayaan Fan Art

Art by Erwin Ropa
Art by Jerwin San Juan

Art by Gener Pedrina

Art by Santy Paner

Art by DCel

Art by Aaron Felizmenio

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Delivery at Comics Odyssey

I just finished the delivery of Kalayaan 6 at Comics Odyssey yesterday.

I was very lucky that It was also the day of signing of Harvey Tolibao for his new Marvel comics "War of Kings: Darkhawk". I bought a copy and went straight to him to be signed. Harvey was such a nice guy and very friendly. Since he does not know who I am, he had a hard time spelling my name. :-( We went back and fort on spelling my name. And i finally gave up and just grab a copy of Kalayaan #6 issue and shown it to him. He was surprised that I was a comic book artist too. And very happy to see my stuff. Too bad I forgot to take a picture with him. :-(

Edgar Tadeo (X-Men:Worlds Apart) was there too. He showed me his 10x15 original works and my jaws just dropped and almost fell to floor. :D

I was only in comic odyssey for a very short time, since I am also going to meet up with Gener at SM Megamall to give his complementary copy of Kalayaan 6. But when I was going to leave, an interesting thing happens. A two (comic book fans) guys went to me and asked if they could have a picture taken with me. I was happy to accommodate them of course. But when I was smiling at the camera, the thing on my mind was "Does these guys know who I am? or maybe they have just mistaken me for somebody else". They were so very shy so I just initiated the conversation. I introduced the latest issue of Kalayaan and Bayan Knights #1 to them. They were looking of the first issue of Kalayaan on that store. It was already sold out and I also forgot to bring one too, so they have just bought 2 copies BK1 instead. Edgar Tadeo and I signed them both.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Friday, February 06, 2009

Comics Delivery

1.) Kalayaan #6 and Bayan Knights #1 are now both available at

Carmen Philcoa Newstand - UP(University of the Philippines) - Philcoa Jeepney Terminal.

Every time I think of this small store, a nice guy that I just met at the last Komikon(last Nov.) always comes into mind. He approached me at the event and said he was very happy to bought all issue 1-5 at that store. He also asked when is the last issue will come out(just to give you an idea on how he likes my comics). And what it is more surprisingly fascinating to me, is that this guy is not your typical young comics fan. I estimated he is already mid 40's or early 50's. :-)

Kalayaan #6 is also available at

2.) Bookay-ukay - 55 Maginhawa st. U.P. Village, Diliman Q.C.
just besides tomato kicks(2nd level).

3.)Sputnik comics shop - Shop 60 at the Cubao Expo on Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Q.C. (near Alimall)

Sputnik is now under a new (friendlier) management of Chez Fidelino. This is the reason why this store was closed for a few months. And now I can see that this store is in capable hands. The new owner is much more accommodating and much easier to approach than the previous one. So I highly recommend that if you are in the area, please visit their store. They sell mostly graphic novel there. But also sells indie comics and other stuff.

I have also given away a bunch of Kalayaan posters at this 3 stores that I went, for much easier visibility and advertising purposes. Which I hope will increase sales.

Next stop.... Comic Odyssey at Robinsons Galleria this Saturday.

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