Friday, January 02, 2009

Creating an Indie Comics – 4. Printing the cover

Some of you might be wondering why I shifted from using standard 8.5x11 short bond paper to A4 size. This is because of the cover. Glossy cover that is. I have found that using a glossy photo paper as my cover is really not that expensive. There is only a small amount difference between a Vellum cover and a glossy photo paper. So I decided that I will go for the glossy. It all started when I saw this cheap Photo paper at CD-R king. A store that I often go for my supply of blank DVD. A 25pcs. photo paper will only cost you P100. So if you do the math, the cost of your cover (with out adding the cost of printer ink) would be P4 each. The only catch is that CD-R king does not have any short bond paper size (8.5x10) photo paper. So I am forced to use an A4 size for my comics.

What about the Ink cost?

Unlike before, the printer ink now comes on a very cheap price (I also buy my ink at CD-R king). As long as you have the patience to inject/refill your printer cartridge on your own. It seams tedious to some, but I have gotten used to it that I can refill my Canon Pixma cartridge in no time. If your are looking to buy a new ink jet printer to be used for your comics. I suggest that you buy a borderless printer. So that you will not have to cut off the edges of the printed cover anymore. In a long run, it will save you more time and head ache. And also, you might want a printer that could print on a 10x15 wide paper.

Each of those small container cost only P30. Multiply it by 4 (blue,cyan,magenta and black) and you will get P120 that could print you around 50 to 70 (depends on you art) pages of full blown, full colored cover (A4 size). Nicccceeeee isn't it :D

And if you have the money. You can also buy the bigger one that cost P200 for each color. This ink will last you a very looooooonnnnng time. :D Even with all the 4 colors combined, it will only cost you P800. That is compared to a very expensive original ink(with cartridge) that will cost you around P1,200. And that will only last for about 20 to 25 covers.

Update Nov.14,2011

About a year ago. I bought a new Canon border-less printer and made it Continuous Ink System (CIS) at InkRite store in SM Fairview. This just made my life a whole lot easier.

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