Saturday, January 30, 2010

Karate Hand

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kalayaan: Black Lantern

What if Kalayaan became a member of the Black Lantern?

This would be very much plausible if he would live in DC Universe, since (technically) he died in the last page of issue #4 and later on revived in issue #5. This would make him very susceptible to the black lantern/ring.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia

Carlo Miguel
Christine White
Kevin Yue

Only these three member remains in the red team of the Biggest Loser Asia, and they are all FILIPINOS. They are going against the formidable six member blue team., which has been on a winning streak with the challenges and weigh in. The red team really has their work cut out for them. They must prove to the world that Filipinos are very resilient people.

I have been following this show since the beginning. But the last episode was just to hard for me . The Red Team almost won the weigh in if not for the colossal 10 Kilo weight loss of Tony of the blue team. It was heart breaking because all of the red team have worked their ass off. They have lost 4 Kilo each of them.

But never quit red team. I will be rooting for you. Go Pinoy. Kick those blue team asses.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dancing Inmate again

The Cebu dancing inmates, who first became an online sensation with their rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," are still moonwalking with the late King of Pop. Jackson's longtime choreographer Travis Payne and dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid paid a visit to the Philippines to teach the inmates routines from "This Is It."

Is this cool or what? If all prison could be just like this, life inside would be much better. It is nice to know that the choreographer of Michael Jackson himself took an interest on teaching these inmates some dance moves. If only the late Michael Jackson could have seen this.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pinoy Trivia

TRIVIA: Juan dela Cruz the symbolic name in the Philippines.

....But did you know that the “Juan dela Cruz” monicker wasn’t invented by a Filipino.

It was in fact coined by Robert McCulloch Dick, a Scottish court reporter then working for the Manila Times, in 1902. He used the term, while observing that it is the most... common name on police blotters, as a generic reference to the Filipino people, a term that is still widely used even today.

Etymologically speaking, the “Juan dela Cruz” name did not originate in the Philippines. It was a name incorporated from the then Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines Narciso Claveria’s decree in 1849. It is a decree that orders for a systematic distribution of names and surnames to all Filipinos (note: At the time before 1849, a large part of the Filipino population doesn’t use a surname which makes it hard to distinguish them or census them individually.). Some Filipino families and the Chinese mestizos, at that time, retained their original family surnames but most adapted to the more Spanish sounding names, like Juan dela Cruz.

The 70’s Philippine rock icon “Juan dela Cruz band” was also influenced by the symbolic name promoting the band as the first “true pinoy rock band”.


Friday, January 22, 2010

New Art

Kalayaan with Hell's Angel
This is actually a Bayan Knights promo conducted last December. It is for a Bayan Knight secret santa. A BK fan would just simple make a comment on our Bayan Knight Deviant Art page and he or she would have an instant art of his choice.

Kalayaan Surf
And this art is for this years Summer Komikon Poster. I hope that the Komikon organizers would like this one so that they would include my character on their poster. Almost every year, I have been sending a piece of art of Kalayaan to the Komikon organizers. But sad to say, never that my character had been included on the official promo poster. I hope that this time around that this one would make it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Comics events

2010 is truly a wonderful year for comics enthusiast. As of today, there are already 3 confirmed comics events. These are just the beginning, I am sure there will be lots more to be announce this coming months to come such as 'The Free Comic Book Day' in May, Komikon in October or November, San Pablo Comics Festival in December and the 2010 Toy Convention.

1.) Feb. 13,2010 Saturday - KomiksTrip
The First Ever UPLB Comic Book Convention
The new CAS Annex at UPLB, Laguna

2.) Feb. 21,2010 Sunday - Renaissance
10am to 9pm - Megatrade Hall, SM Mega Mall

3.) April 17,2010 Saturday - Summer Komikon
Watch out for a hot summer convention!!!
UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kalayaan #9 - Page 1

I am still not sure of the exact date of its release. There are just to many things that I am doing right now. And I do not want this issue to be rushed. It is a very special issue because of its story. It deals with the history of John dela Vegas(the alter ego of Kalayaan) personal life. It would be another story arc that would probably extend another 2 to 3 more issues. Longer than it's initially intended. It will be another roller coaster of emotions for the main character. So hold on to your seats, it will be very bumpy ride.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My first rant this year

Don’t you really hate it, if someone that you do not know personally suddenly approaches you and start telling you what to do on the things that you are doing for many years now. And what is more irritating is that this person is inexperience (or does not have any experience at all) than you. It is like a farmer teaching a baker how to bake.

I am not just aiming this on a single person. For many years, I have encountered many people like this, telling me on what I should do. It is offending and irritating at the same time. And just recently, I have received another one of this comment on how to run my business. But in fairness, he said that it was not meant to offend me. Well you know what dude? too late for that.

I know that you draw way better than me. But come on… if you are so better than me, how come you have not published any comics yet? Still waiting for that opportunity that probably would never come? You will grow old and die and you will still be waiting for nothing. Just like one of my mentor would say 'Make your own opportunity' . Many people just thinks that they know it all. Giving me advices that I do not need. Matagal ko nang naisip yung sinasabi mo sa akin.

I do accept that I still much more to learn. That is why I have many mentors. Mentors in comics, mentors in business, mentor in religion and many more. They are the one who had gone in distance way before me in their own fields. When I do encounter a problem, I would seek out their advices. I am not an idiot that would get a suggestion from a person that I just met on the streets.

Sorry about this rant guys. I am just blowing off some steam. I had a bad day yesterday that is totally unrelated to comics or my daytime work as a programmer. Please to not ask me what.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Meet Nick Vujicic

In times that you feel stressed out because of all your problems. Or if you are depressed for a reason what so ever. You might want to watch this video and I assure you will feel much better.

Friday, January 08, 2010

New Years Resolution

In the beginning of every year the sales of exercise equipment and gym memberships are at their annual highs. Why? It’s driven by “New Year’s resolutions fever“ (that is people are making new year‘s resolutions - mostly that of losing weight and being fit).

Isa na siguro ako dun sa mga taong nag sasabing mag papapayat ngayong taon. Actually, ayaw ko naman talagang pumayat eh. Ang gusto ko lang naman eh mawala ang bilugan kong tyan. :-( ..... okay na siguro yung ala Piolo Pascual na abs... pwede ko nang pag tyagaan yung ganoong look. Ang problema lang kasi eh napaka bait ng boss ko (hindi ko nga alam kung swerte ba ito o malas). Madalas nya kasi ako bigyan ng kung ano anong pag kain.... coffee, bread, coke, sandwitch at kung ano ano pa. Pakiramdam ko tuloy ay teachers pet ako dito. Pero sa totoo lang eh generous talaga sya. Katulad ngayong hapon lang. Nag pabili sya ng isang bilaong palabok na napaka sarap para pag salusaluhan namin. Parang nananadya itong tadhana na ito at alam nya na paborito ko ang palabok. Samantalang kagabi lang eh tagaktak ang pawis ko kaka workout para lang lumiit ang tyan ko.

Ang hirap din kasi ng isang computer programmer, laging naka upo lang kaya bumibilog ang tyan ko. :-( Pero kahit ganun pa man eh binabawi ko na lang ito sa jogging at excersise sa bahay. Mas determinado na ako ngayon kaysa last year.

Now, if you excuse me. Uubusin ko muna itong palabok sa tabi ko. :D


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Filipino Survey

I just saw this image at facebook. I was intrigue by this, so I went to Filipino Survey site and voted.

FYI: is a NEUTRAL and NON-PARTISAN survey website.
If you want to change the outcome, register and vote. Thank you

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy B-Day Mikey

Happy B-Day to Mikey Amistoso. The lead singer of the fast rising band 'CIUDAD'. You might be wondering how I come to this information? Well, Chez of Sputnik informed me that Mikey is an avid reader of my Kalayaan comics. Chez onced asked me to sketch for Mikey during my signing at Sputnik (last Nov. 14), because she said that he was such a fan. I am sometimes very much surprised that many talented people love reading my comics. And to show you how talented this guy is. Please watch the video below.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Kalayaan Chibi Pendant

It's sure is nice to have many friends. Specially as talented as Omeng Estanislao. Check out this new Kalayaan Chibi pendant he just made for me. And what is more amazing about this is the actual size is just 1"x 1.5" inch. Can you imagine that? It really takes alot of patience and steady hands to do this.

When we (Me and Omeng) were at Hero Nation last November. He told me that he already almost finished doing this way back in September. It was just tragic that it was destroyed during the Ondoy flood. But he promised me that he will make me another one. And here it is.

I am very much thankful (and a little bit shy) to Omeng for re-doing this for me. So please to check his site you will see lots of cool stuff like this Super Dog (based on Funny Komiks) and Kulas.