Tuesday, November 30, 2010

K12 Cover - Inked

Monday, November 29, 2010

K12 Cover - Pencil

After finishing a page today. I got a little bit of inspired and went away and draw the cover of Kalayaan #12.

Kalayaan #12 Cover - Pencil Only.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

GMP Project

I'm back doing my old Project, which is this this 2x6 feet Bayan Knights Tarpaulin that I am doing for the longest time. I could only do this on my office break or when I have a few time to spare. Slowly but surely it is taking shape. And here are some of the characters that I recently finished.

Character owned by : Redg Vicente
Character owned by : Mark Wong

Character owned by : Levy Ramirez
Character owned by : Renie Palo
Character owned by : Dexter Entera

Character owned by : Ian Sta.Maria

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Colinas Verdes Lot For Sale

Full Description:

170 square meter on an exclusive subdivision in Bulacan.
Colinas Verdes, San Jose Bulacan
15 to 20 minutes drive from SM Fairview.

COLINAS VERDES is a part of master planned community that will provide residents basic needs within the neighboorhood. Shops, workplaces and civic buildings are in close proximity to the residential area. A leisurely stroll or drive along tree lined streets will take you to the establishments of your choice.

COLINAS VERDES COUNTRY CLUB is a first in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan. Indulged in your favorite sports, unwind at a workout, or simply relax with a cool drink at poolside. Parks and playgrounds provide places for informal gatherings with friends and family.

It is only a 15 to 20 minutes drive SM Fairview. Colinas Verdes is a 261-hectare land that will be transformed into an exclusive , well-planned community. Within the community are future developments such as country clubs, hotels, villas, and commercial area. A wide target market is foreseen as lot sizes range from 150sqm average cut to bigger lot sizes like 240, 300sqm and up.

Inclusive of free country club membership. Guranteed high-value appreciation due to various developments such as the on going construction, renovation, widening of vital roads inSan Jose, and the construction of MRT-7 (Metro Rail Transit System) linking Q.C. to the suburbs at the southern fringes of Bulacan.

The MRT-7 will end right at Colinas Verdes.The National Economic And Development Authority has approved the MRT-7 project, the 1.3B road & rail transit system linking Q.C. to the suburbs at the southern fringes of Bulacan. This will service the 2M residents of Northern Manila, particularly North Caloocan, Novaliches, Fairview in Q.C.A 17km four-lane asphalt road to be built in Southern Bulacan will funnel commuters to Tala, where they transfer to a 20.9 km elevated light rail line that links up with MRT-3 at its main terminal at the West Triangle in Q.C.For expansion, this line will also have a 4.8 km spur line connecting to MRT-3 at an integrated joint station with MRT-3 in Katipunan, Q.C.

Last 2006, it was connected to LRT-1 at its northern terminal near the Bonifacio monument.Around the MRT-7's road-rail transfer point in Tala is expected to mushroom housing and commercial establishments that will boost development in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

A newly instituted toll in Marilao, Bulacan that will serve as entry and exit point to motorists and will give future residents access advantage.Concreting and widening to 9m of Kaypian Sto. Cristo-Tungkong Mangga has just been completed last December 2004.

Road rehabilitation along Quirino Highway(Tungkong Mangga Area)-concreting and widening of the road has just been completed last April 2004.

1. Fatima School of Nursing
2. Hillsdale College
3. San Agustin College
4. Brighton Pre-School just accross the main gate & more

• Basketball Court
• Tennis Court
• Swimming Pool
• Wading pool
• Badminton
• Bowling Lanes
• Jogging paths
• Massage and Sauna
• Gaame room
• Children's Playground

• Entry Statement along main access road
• Landscaped Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
• Perimeter Wall around the property
• Wide Concrete Roads Network
• Centralized interrelated water distribution system
• Concrete Electrical Posts
• Cemented Curbs and Gutters
• Landscaped Open Spaces and Parks
• Underground Storm Drainage System
• Electrical Facilities by Meralco


More than 2 hectares along Quirino Hiway

Community Features

* Clubhouse
* Golf Course
* Sports Complex

Address: Phase 1 Block 67 Lot 4 Colinas Verdes, San Jose Bulacan
Price: P1,100,000.00

For interested buyers please text :

-Gio Paredes


Friday, November 26, 2010

Kirkman talks about INVINCIBLE

Robert Kirkman talks about his comic book creation INVINCIBLE.

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kalayaan and Kapitan Tog

Kalayaan shaking hands with Kapitan Tog (ang superherong laging na uuntog.)

Here is a quick sketch I did for a good friend Freely Abrigo. I promissed him during Komikon that I will make a Kapitan Tog fan art. I hope he like this one. In my humble opinion, Freely is one of the most talented catoonist in the Philippines.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wow Pinas Magazine

The 'Wow Pinas' magazine will have a few pages dedicated to the recently concluded 6th Komikon. Many thanks to boss KC Cordero (marami pong salamat) for making this happen. This will be available on the first week ng December at 7-11 outlets, Booksale and Filbars.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More pictures from Komikon 2010

Here are some of the pictures that I have gathered during Komikon 2010.

I arrived at the gate of Starmall Edsa around 5 minutes before 10Am. Kai Castillo (Patintero Komiks) greeted me there. He is also the winner of the 'Bayan Knights Recruitment Contest' with his entry entitled 'Maestro'.

Komiks veteran Mr. Danny Acuna was at the gate too, waiting for the doors of the Mall to open. Mr. Daddy is one of the kindest komiks veteran that I have met. He even gave me his comics for free on the last PICCA. It is always a pleasure to see him.

When the door opened, we went straight to the Komikon place. And just about less than a minute. There were already a longgggg line at the Komikon entrance. Since I'm with Sulyap, I was in the guest list. I went on and pass through without waiting in line for almost an hour. This is one of the benefits of being part of Sulyap. :D

This was taken by Omeng. Sabi nya drawing daw kami ni Macoy, kunyari hindi namin alam na kinukunan kami. :-)

Since I was part of Sulyap, me and the other contributor had a separate table designated for us. And the table was very spacious. Ang luwang :-), another benefits of being part of the Sulyap.

My seatmates once again was Omeng and Macoy.

wants YOU. :-)

Another with us on the SULYAP table was Maika Ezawa(Meganon Komiks) and Mel Casipit (Baboy, Dog Style and MLU).

I was very surprised on the numbers of Sulyap that had been sold. It was a total success. Most of the time, I was signing the Sulyap book. The ordinary price is P250, but during the event, the first 100 buyer would only get it for only P150. And those first 100 copies immediately got sold out only around 1PM. And I think they had another 100 copies for the price of P200. Thank you so much for every one who had bought a copy.

Randy Albert was there too. He is the one who made this Kalayaan action figure. He also the one who took this shot. Ang ganda ng camera nya, high end model. Bigla akong na ingit.

And speaking of action figure. Here are the Bayan Knights custom action figure. The Kalayaan, Pag-Asa and Boy Ipis was created by Randy Albert. Maso and Maharlika (the white one at the back) was created by Ramil Ibay.

Me and the Sulyap contributors was invited to go on stage and be interviewed and to answer some questions from the audience.

One of the Komikon guy cosplayed the character of Omeng in his comics 'LIPAD'.

And speacking of cosplay, this is Omi Remalante, Jr. as 'Talim' (left) and Levy Ramirez as Kilabot (right). Both member of Bayan Knights cosplaying their respective characters. Omi also had just released his first self published comics 'TALIM' in the event. Congrats pare. :D

Picture taking with the beautiful ate Robin again. :-)

The 6th Komikon was a success, no dought about it. There were so many people went there that it became hot in the after noon. People was so eager to read the comics they had just bought that they decided to sit down and read it on the event as you can see the picture above.

Thank you very much to all those who came to the 6th Komikon event. And thank you very much for supporting the Filipino comics.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just got back from Komikon 2010

Just got back from the 6th Komikon and boy the crowd was huge. There are so many people that had attended this year. I am still very tired, but here are some of the pictures that I got from the event. I will post more pictures once all the dust had settled down and I got some desperately needed sleep.

I was kidnaped by the Kambal.

They even took a copy of my comics and my Kalayaan action figure. :-)

And my Kalayaan action figure found his Bayan Knight buddy 'PAG-ASA'.

Goofing around with kuya Myke and ate Robin. :D

Here are some of the video that I took during the event. I apologize for the quality since I just took it from my phone.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Most watched youtube video

I was just curious on what is the most watched video on Youtube. I was wondering what is the world is so interested in seing. So I googled it and got this top 10 YouTube video. And the winner is, with over 374 Million hits, Justin Bieber is at number 1.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My First Radio Interview

First of all, I want to thank every body in Sonshine radio for giving me an opportunity to guest in their show. Everyone was so accommodating, and very kind. I was very impressed on their equipment, aside from their broadcast on 1026 AM radio. They also have a studio camera that is streaming live on their website. That is why there is a word "TV" on their name "Sonshine TV Radyo". There is also this computer just beside the host that is constantly receiving all the Text Messages that was coming from their listeners on real time.

They were also kind enough to give me a copy of the entire interview on an MP3 format. So for those that have not listened to the show yesterday. You can download it here (to download the file, right click the link and choose the "save link as" option ). It is a 27MB file download and about 29 minutes long.

I really enjoyed the entire conversation with host of the show. I hope that I would have another chance to do this kind of thing again in the near future.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sonshine Radio Guesting

I have said in my past blog post that a radio DJ approached me during the PICCA event and said that she wants me to guest on her radio show. Well, the radio station is non other than Sonshine TV Radio, it is DZAR 1026 on your AM Radio. And they have asked me guest in their show 'Byahe at Gimik' tomorrow (November 10) between 2pm to 3pm. I hope that they would allow me to get a copy of an audio interview tomorrow so that I could post it here.

Monday, November 08, 2010

2nd Bikol Komiks Convention

It is amazing to know that there will be a 2nd Bikol Komiks Convention on December 20,2010. I must confest that I have known about this only recently. I did not even know that there were even a first. Special thanks to Noel Cervantes for informing me about this through facebook.

I personally think that the media people should be informed about this, so that they could spread the word about these kind of events on a massive scale. And so that people will know that the local comic industry is still here. It is very much sad to say that majority of the people still thinks that the local comic industry is DEAD. But as you can see, even as far as Cebu and Bikol, the spirit of comics are very much alive.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Cyfer Profile

Real Name : Ryan Calalang
Height : 5’7” (without Armor), 5’10” (with Armor )
First Appearance : Kalayaan #4

Cyfer is the younger brother of Rhea Calalang (the genetic engineer/scientist that had created Kalayaan). Cyfer does not have any super powers, but what he lack on that area, he makes up in Computers, Electronics and Robotics. In a nut shell, he is a Tech-Genius.
As a young boy, he has discovered that he has the capability to understand things that seams very hard to comprehend by a normal ordinary people. He could reverse engineer computer programs easily. He could Cypher and Decypher codes that has a strong encryption algorithm that could take MIT students years to crack. Thus he got the name Cyfer.

When Cyfer was constantly being accelerated by all of the advance school in the Philippines that he is attending. His parents decided to send him to Japan to continue his studies. He later on returned to the Philippines when his parents was killed due to a kidnapping incident. Both Rhea and Cyfer was depressed because of this tragedy. While Rhea started his research for ‘Project Kalayaan ’, Cyfer decided to return to Japan because their place reminds him too much of their parents.

While in Japan, Cyfer maintains a constant communication with Rhea through the Internet. Cyfer even helps her sister with ‘Project Kalayaan’ by designing and making the Kalayaan Armor and its Nano Technology.

When Cyfer founds out from his sister that their house exploded due to a sabotage by Vorgon. He decided to went back to the Philippines for good, to help Rhea rebuild their house and safe guard his sister for other future threats.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

My reaction after reading Invincible 75

This is my reaction after reading Invincible #75. Hol#$% Mother Father. BEEEEEP is DEAD. And the great BEEEEEP is DEAD as well. He ripped his F@$%*# head off, and after that, he squeesed it with his bear hands. This Emperor is one @#%^&* BAD ASS. I am guessing that many smart ass Invincible readers from now on will refrain from calling him a Freddy Mercury look alike.

After an agonizing long wait for the latest release of Invincible. Comic Odyssey finally text me this morining, telling me that it is now available at their store. During our lunch break at the office, I rushed to Comic Odyssey to bought my copy (that alone will tell you how much I am addicted to this series).

I thought that Invincibles battle with Conquest was already a top notch action, emotionally draining and kept me on the edge seat when Atom Eve almost died. This issue is a 100% sure to keep you in the edge of your seat (if your already an long time invincible reader). As far as I can recall, I have never been this excited (in reading a comic book) and crave on what will happens next.

I have said this once before. But in my humble opinion "INVINCIBLE" is the best superhero comic book of all time.

Issue #75 is literally a jaw dropping issue for me.

Mr. Kirkman.... you did it again.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

FLIPGEEKS interview

Flipgeeks.com is a site created by Filipino Geeks for Filipino Geeks and others. And because I'm a geek my self, they decided to interviewed me. CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mersenario and Kalayaan

This is a long over due art request by Juan Carlo Villaverde. He is a long time Kalayaan comics supporter that requested me during Metro Comicon last August to draw his character Mersenario together with Kalayaan.

Mersenario will have it's first appearance in Bayan Knights #5, to be release in November 13 Komikon. Mersenario is actually a villain that is a member of 'Bangis'. And as of this writing, Bayan Knights #5 is already heading for the printing press. I have already seen most of the pages of BK5. The Knights will go on a head to head battle with the Bangis team. This is one action packed issue. Be sure to get a copy this November 13 in Starmall at the Komikon event.