Sunday, January 04, 2009

Creating an Indie Comics – 5. Putting it together

Now that you have created your comics and photo copied many copies of it. It is time to put it together (literally). Unlike the big company that has their own factory printer or at lease has the capital to pay a printer to produce and staple their comics. We as an indie creator does not have the luxury of it. You can buy a long stapler at NBS at P500 or more.

Or if you want to go cheap like I do. You can use an ordinary cheap stapler that you might already have.

Get a two book that is identical in thickness and lay them down on a firm base opposite at each other with a small gap as shown in the image below.

Fold your comics so that you will have a guide where the stapler has to be. Place you comics over the two book as shown below and start firing away that stapler.

And then presto. You have your own printing press at your living room. :D

For a little bit more flare of professionalism, I strongly recommend that you put you comics inside a plastic. Those things are very very cheap, but it will protect your comics from people that wants to mangle with them in the stores (or at lease will discourage them) and it will also dramatically change the people will look at your comics compared to those that has no plastic at all. So don't be lazy ok :D

IMAGE (of you comics, one plastic and the whole bunch of plastic).

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Jon said...

Dati ganyan din ako mag-staple ng komiks namin. Last year nag-invest na rin kami sa extendable stapler. ang laking tulong talaga. Nabawasan ang time ng pag-staple ng 50%. Good tips on the articles.