Monday, June 30, 2008

Kalayaan Site Update

I recently updated the Kalayaan site.

The update includes the Fan art section. I added the works of the following artist here.

1.) Edgar Tadeo
2.) Paneseeker
3.) Jaybhoi
4.) Drock03
5.) Sotanghon
6.) Wansworld
7.) Rhardo

Many many thanks guys... :-)

I also added new art to the gallery and update the store section.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Michael Turner is Dead

I am still in shock while I am writing this. I still can't believe he is dead. He is probably one of the most talented comic book artist of all time in my opinion. His art style is like no other I ever seen. With such a young age I feel very sad that he can no longer draw those wonderful art that I always enjoy looking.

He was proclaimed died on 10:42 p.m. PST , June 27, 2008 with age 37. He was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, in 2000 and underwent nine months of radiation therapy. He was in remission several times but the cancer was persistent.

This life time fan will definitely miss him... R.I.P. idol.

For more info. click here.

Another Earth

I just read this from Yahoo news. Astronomers on a verge of finding many earth. Not just one but many. Some of them are even larger than our earth. For those of you who is a Star Trek fan. You might be familiar with an "M class planet". It is planet which is almost the same as our earth. Same atmosphere, soil, ky, water and almost the same vegetation. For the longest time I was thinking of that science fiction theory. With a warp drive capability, we could go to a nearby solar system that has the same earth as we know it.

If just in case that is possible. I only hope that we would learn from our past and not screw this new planet, like what we are doing today. Coz in the back of my mind, there is this small voice that is saying "Oh great, we have found a new Earth to pollute."

Astronomers on Verge of Finding Earth's Twin
Planet hunters say it's just a matter of time before they lasso Earth's twin, which almost surely is hiding somewhere in our star-studded galaxy.

Momentum is building: Just last week, astronomers announced they had discovered three super-Earths — worlds more massive than ours but small enough to most likely be rocky — orbiting a single star. And dozens of other worlds suspected of having masses in that same range were found around other stars.

"Being able to find three Earth-mass planets around a single star really makes the point that not only may many stars have one Earth, but they may very well have a couple of Earths," said Alan Boss, a planet formation theorist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington in Washington, D.C.�

click here read more.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Old drawing 1- Young blood

An old drawing of mine.
This is the 3 of my favorite Young Blood member.
Shaft, Chapel and Die Hard

I was a Rob Liefeld fan back in the 90's. I was first attracted to his work in X-Force and then later on in their own creator owned image produced , Young blood. Despite what other artist says about his work, he still remains an artist that I come to respect.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is a request by my friend Robin. She wanted me to draw some action scene. I think that she is a little bit getting bored from the standing up posses that I was making... :-)

Anyway, I hope you like this one.

Roll call of characters
(from 12 o'clock of Kalayaan clockwise)

1.) Bernardo Karpio - by Gener Pedrina
2.) Bato - by Gener Pedrina
3.) Adarna - by Gener Pedrina
4.) Salakay - by Rhardo
5.) X-Trooper - by Gilbert Monsanto
6.) Midguard - by Gilbert Monsanto
7.) Supremo - by Gener Pedrina
8.) Biotrog - by Gilbert Monsanto
9.) Narra - by Gener Pedrina
10.) Sandata - by Gener Pedrina
11.) Maskarado - by Reno Maniquis
12.) Kampeon - by Gilbert Monsanto

Friday, June 20, 2008

Too much

Too much of anything is bad for any person.

Too much tool bar.

Too much office work?

Sooner or later you will end up like this.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

1st Year Anniversary

One year and 80 sequential pages ago, I published my very first comics. But prior to that, I had no idea on publishing. I only know how to draw. But with some help from people that had gone the path before me. I was able to pull it off (with some few mistakes here and there of course). I am forever in you debt guys. I also would like to thank friends that helped me in their own little way on creating some of the currently created issues. People that commented inspiring words that helps me continue. And also, I would like to thank a few people that told me that I am not good enough and should stick to computer programming instead. Thanks to you too, because those kinds of words that makes me stay awake late at night drawing more pages, making more pages than I normally would have. And thanks to everybody that have bought a copy of my comics.

Many thanks to you all. And I promise that I will do my very best to make the succeeding issue better than its previous one. I believe that this journey is like a spiral path going up wards. I would like to make both the story and art better and better.

And my last words for the readers of KALAYAAN comics.....
You aint seen nothing yet. :-)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Toycon pictures

Renie, me and boss Gilbert Monsanto him self. My booth buddies... :-)
International artist Wilson Tortosa (Battle of the planet and new Wolverine artist) and me. He was kind enough to take a picture with me. I think he is one of the most nicest international pinoy artist I have met. Very down to earth person.
Jaybhoi (from Tacloban), Gilbert and me. Jaybhoi is a fellow deviantArt member that came from tacloban to manila just to be in the event and buy our comics. The last time he was here he said was about 10 years ago. Thank you very much Jaybhoi and have a safe way home.
I think her name is Ariza (please correct me if I am wrong). She was the winner of the booth babe of the toycon event. This was taken during the near closing of the event. Nearly 9pm. It was a good thing that I was not in a hurry to leave. :-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thanks Toycon

Thank you very much to all who visited our table at the recently concluded Toycon at Megamall. Specially to Jaybhoi who came from tacloban to the metro just to attend the event and buy our comics. Thank you very much and have a safe voyage home.

Special thanks also to Renie and Levy for helping us with our table. Sana wag kayong mag sasawa.

Toycon was much enjoyable for me compared to M3. Maybe because there are alot more comics people there. And my sales was better there also. The second day of toycon was better for me also because I got there early (around 11am), compared to the 1st day which I arrived very late at 4pm . That is because of my boss. Usually, I do not have any work on saturday. But my boss requested that I go. Since saturday is only half day work for us. I said to my self "hey, why not. I can arrive at toycon around 12noon." And since megamall was only a few blocks away from our office I said yes to my boss. But the sad thing is that my boss requested that I stay for an over time because we were converting and importing data from our old computer system to the new system. Our accounting will be on a grinding halt if we do not proceede.

Anyway.. I had a blast on toycon. I hope next year I can sell even better. Next stop.. November 22 Komicon 2008.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Perfect Fit

I recently went to Trinoma at Quezon city to check out the t-shirt that I was waiting for so long. Someone had told me that it is already available at The T-Shirt Project store, just besides Planet-X comics shop.

It was a long time in the making. I have signed the contract with the T-Shirt Project company since September last year. They say they had some problems with the color separation on their plant so it was delayed this long. But for me, it is quite worth the wait. The quality of the shirt it self is very nice. And so is the printed color image. And in the store, it is displayed next to Captain Barbel and Darna T-Shirt. How cool is that... :-)

So here it is, the first Kalayaan T-Shirt.

It is available at all The T-Shirt Project stores . To see the complete list of stores, just click here.

List oF T-shirt Project Store:

Market! Market!
Alabang Town Center
Sta. Lucia

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nothing beats the original

I recently drop by at comics odyssey to get the original pin-up of Kalayaan art of Edgar Tadeo. I was pretty much surprise when Ed sent me a note that he left the original art is at comics odyssey for me to get.

Getting the digital fan art was already enough for me. And getting the original was totally too much for me.

Many many thanks boss Ed.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Delivery Complete

I just recently finished my deliveries of Kalayaan #4 to Comics Odyssey in Robinsons Galleria and Sputnik comics shop in Cubao.

I arrived at Galleria around 5:15pm but did not had any change to meet up with Ed Tadeo. The people there said that he will be arriving a little bit late so I decided not to wait and just completed my deliveries there and went on to Cubao. While I was still at comic odyssey, I took my time to find the new Invincible IronMan #2. An issue that has been topic of debate recently at Reno Maniquis blog. It is a little bit controvesial because in this issue, Marvel comics created a Filipino Superhero Team called the Triumph Division that is misinterpreted and later on killed in the same issue. I got a copy and then headed to Cubao.

I arrived at Sputnik, Cubao at exactly 6:25pm. I don't know why, but ever time I go there, I always bump into a TV personality. The first time I went there I saw Kuya Bodgie eating at a near by restorant, the other time a TV host from Ch7 and now, Mr. "Ok ka ba tyan" was inside Sputnik only a few minutes after I came to the door.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tagalog – para maiba naman.

Dito sa lugar namin, maaga pa lang sold out na ang NFA rice na mura sa tindahan. At kung meron ka namang makikitang tindahan na nagtitinda ng NFA rice eh ang haaaaaaaba ng pila. Talo pa ang blockbuster movie ni nora at tirso dati. (napaghahalata tuloy ang edad ko dito ah.)

Iba talaga ang panlasa ng pinoy. Yung kapit bahay ko dito, dumating ang kapatid nya galing canada. Request nya ay pinakbet kaagad. Miss na miss na nya raw ang pagkaing noypi. Kaya mahigpit na talaga ngayon ang security ng mga airport, hindi lang sa mga terorista. Pati na rin sa mga pinoy na tirador ng mga daing,tuyo,tinapa,bagoong at durian. Asar na asar daw ang mga puti pag nakaka amoy ng duryan sa loob ng eroplano. At kapag bababa na daw ang eroplano sa airport, meron daw special message para sa mga pinoy. Hindi ko lang alam kung totoo ito(joke lang sana). "Ang mga plato,kutsara,tinidor, unan at kumot ay hindi po kasama sa inyong binayaran. Paki iwan lang po ang mga iyan sa eroplano. Maraming salamat po."

Isa rin siguro sa dahilan kaya hindi ako masyadong interesado mag abroad ay dahil sa tyan ko. Medyo sensitive sya. Sinubukan ko kasi dating 2x a day lang ako kumain ng kanin. At ayun, after 2 days namilipit ako sa sakit ng ulcer ko. Na wirdohan nga ako dati noong kumain ako sa KFC. May nakatabi akong pinoy na may kasamang puti. Pagdating ng pagkain nila. Binigay ni Joe ang kanini kay Juan. Ang sarap ng kain ni Joe sa chicken lang, kahit walang kanin. Nabitin pa nga eh at omorder pa ng isa.

Sanayan lang siguro yan.

Dito na lang muna at pipila pa ako sa NFA rice eh.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Kalayaan #4 - Review

Thank you very much to Robin C. Rivero for her review of the recent issue of Kalayaan. I had a mixed emotion on her review. Even though it is positive in general. People might get the impression that I am a leader wanna be. Which I am clearly not. And I am also afraid that I will not meet the peoples expectations. But never the less, it is a very nice review for a starting comics and a starting artist like me.

In issue #3, I said that the next issue will change Kalayaan forever. Which I simply did. I know that this issue will make some heads turn. I wanted a unique character and a different story. I wanted to escape the stereo type pinoy super hero that the story is very predictable. You already know what is going to happen before they happen.

I have already created a line of future stories. So there is no shortage of stories so far. And just like what I said in the letter page of issue #4. "You ain't seen nothing yet. "

Thanks again Robin... :-)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kalayaan Cutie

My character could not get anymore cuter than this. Well, as you can see, I got it from Jaybhoy. A fellow DeviantArt member who lives in tacloban. I will be adding this to the Fan Art section of the next issue of Kalayaan.

I will be at Comics Odyssey, Robinsons Galleria this June 7, Saturday to deliver a few copies of issue #4 to boss Sandy (owner of comic odyssey). And I am also going to meet up with Edgar Tadeo there to give him a printed copy of his kick ass Pin-up of Kalayaan that he recently made. :-) It is a convenient time for both of us since he is always there every Saturday and for me that is also my free day(no work).

I will be there around 5pm to 7pm. So if you just happens to be near, do drop by and say hello... :-)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Quality control

These are my quality control officers. They are always hard at work, checking any slight errors that they could find.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

M3 booth

This is our booth at the recently concluded M3 event that was held at SMX convention center just besides SM Mall of Asia. Those printed pin-up was later on moved to the wall. Gilbert said that it will not be visible when people start filling up the place. And he was definitely right.
Yours trully.... :-)
Gilbert Monsanto of sacred mountain. I just cant believe how fast he draws. He can draw a detailed pin-up (bond paper size) in around 4 to 5 min. Now that is a quick draw.

I had a little problem with the batteries of my digital cam so this is all I got from it during the event. I better get a new one.