Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fan Art

I recently received this very nice art from Jerwin San Juan. It is quite flattering for a starting comic book artist like me to received a Fan Art from other people. I never get tired of looking at them. And that makes me think to create a Fan Art section for the newly created Kalayaan Web-site.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Kalayaan Website

I just recently created a KALAYAAN website. It is still far from being complete. But for now it will suffice. I will just be adding more stuff as time goes by. I also created a new email address for the letter page which is

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Having fun at Komikon

Ian Walter Along created this very nice caricature souvenir for me. It is a drawing of him, Bien and me. Thank you very much man. I owe you one.
Ian again, goofing around with some cute girl.
It sure is nice to find some new friends that think like you. People that has the same passion as you. The only thing that I did not like on the last comic convention is that it ended so quickly. I had so much fun, I completely forgotten time. I wish that it was a two day event. Or at least that it would happen more than once a year. I wanted so much to go and see other booth. But I was tied down to my seat. I did not even had a chance to go to Gilbert Monsantos table. The only break I had was to go to a bathroom. The one time that I had to go, when I came back, Wilson Tortosa was at my table trying to buy a copy of my comics.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Komikon w/ known people

At long last, I have finally met Reno (creator of Maskarado) in person. He is one of the person at I admire the most in local comics. He had also released the Maskarado 15th anniversary portfolio which he made a 7 page tandem of Maskarado and my very own Kalayaan. It sure is nice to see my character on capable hands.
Me again with Azrael. The main man behind the Philippine Toy Convention held a few months ago.
Me again with John Becaro. One of the nicest guy I met at the convention. The thing that amaze me with this guy is that he remains to be humble despite that he is a great comic book artist. Nakakahiya tuloy sa kanya when I miss pronounce his last name. I said "Bakero" instead of "Becaro".
Me with Gerry Alanguilan. I was so nervous when he purchase issue #1 and 2 of Kalayaan.
Carlo Vergara (creator to Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah). Another nice person that I met. I just cant believe that he bought my comics.

There were also other people that I have met that I forgot to get a picture. Such as Wilson Tortosa (Battle of the Planets), Ian Sta. Maria (Sky World) and Ed Tadeo.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

More Komikon Pics

I was so tired yesterday. Thats why I only posted a few pictures. And now, the aftershock is still there. But I think, I got most of my strength back.

This is the early part of the event. I could easily tell because there were still mini-poster at my table available free for the early buyers. I only wish that I could have printed more of those give away mini-poster coz they were easily sold out on the early part of the event.
This is Jed, a cool comic book fan that I just met during the event. This kind of people make it worth while all the hard work that comes into making an indie comics.Here I am signing an issue of Kalayaan for Jed. I think he is very happy with the free mini-poster that I gave him. This is Teardrop. Don't ask me his real name is, because I also don't know. I asked him once and refuse to tell me coz he says it was too common name :-) This is the first time I met him in person. But we know each other for quite some time. We were constantly exchanging messages in DeviantArt. I don't know about the other artist, but I think I have the most kindest and nicest fan based there is. And Teardrop is one of them. This makes me wish that there could be more than one comic convention a year. This cute young girl is M.J. She asked me to draw her a caricature of her self. She asked me so nicely that I could not refuse. And besides, it only took me around 4 to 5 minutes of quick sketch. My work is located on the lower right corner.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Comic Convention

I just got back from the 3rd Philippine Comic Convention 2007 at UP Diliman. And what a blast it was. I was lucky enough to sit along with two nicest guy I just met at the convention.

Me with Ian Walter Along. He is such a playful guy. Always throwing away joke at every body. Even with people he just met. You can see that his comics "Grads Tayo" is an extension of his humorous personality.Me and Ian also has another interesting thing in common except comic. And that is Math. He is an education graduate with major in Mathematics, while I graduated B.S.Math major in computer programming. He has such a great character. There is no dull moment when he is around.

This is Bien del Rosario doing some sketches. Unlike Ian, he is a little bit more conservative that him. But then again, I think almost every body in the convention is a little bit more conservative than Ian (I think he is going to kill me when he read this,nya ha ha ha).

Gener Pedrina gave me a cool Kalayaan and Sandata trading cards. He has printed this amazing Filipino Superhero trading cards for only P10 each. I was really happy to got this card for free, coz I was sort of collecting superhero cards such as Marvel and DC for quiet sometime. And now we have our very own heroes.
Bien also created a fan art Sandata. So he was also given a free copy of it.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I am just preparing for the Comicon tomorrow. I am so exited because this is the first time I am about to attend. I wasn't able to attend prior to this because of some health issues. But I am so busy today printing these mini-poster that I have been working on. It is a give away for every purchase of Kalayaan comics. I only hope that there would be many people going to attend this Comicon so I can sell as much many comics as I can. I also hope that people would like these poster enough for them to buy a copy of Kalayaan comics.

I am also exited to see my favorite local comic book artist (hey, I'm a fan too you know) like Reno Maniquis, Gerry Alanquilan and Ed Tadeo just to name a few. I only hope that the weather is not going to be much of a problem tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yes you can

I got another chain mail from my Inbox that is pertaining that it is a chinese proverb which I highly dought.
I hate this kind of things. This junk mail are a complete BS (Bullshit) and a waste of bandwith of the internet ISP. I wonder why so many of my friends believe in this kind of BS. And the thing that really annoys me is that they are saying that "if you dont send this to 10 people in you contact you will have an accident and be like this and like that" Bla bla bla. "And if you send this with in the next 1 hour or so you will be bless with one million Peso and your life wil prosper" Bla bla bla bla again. And some of this BS email even uses the name of the BIG GUY above.
Does this people doesn't have any fear at all? Don't they know that they should not use his name in vain?

Anyway, the email was send through our yahoo group. And I just could not let it pass and let every body in our group would believe this kind of crap. So I replied a serious sarcastic kind of way.

Here it is.

Pls. excuse me. But I just have to answer this.
I am not really sure that this is a chinese proverb,
because I know many chinese, and this is not the way
they think.

1.) With money you can
buy a house. But not a home?

Yes you can.
I know rich people that owns a house and a home at the
same time. They live there happy law abiding citizen.

2.) With money you can
by a clock. But not time?

Yes you can.
I personally know an owner of a company that go to
office at 9 or 10 am and goes out 2pm to plays golf.
Others I know works only mon to thursday and plays
golf every friday. I also know a person that was
financially secure at an early age. He retired at age
45 years old instead of 65. That is an extra 20 years

3.) With money you can
buy a bed, but not sleep?

Yes you can.
I think the person that can sleep the most are the
people that does not worry on the thing that if he or
his family has something to eat tomorow morning.

4.) With money you can
buy a book, but not knowledge?

Yes you can.
There is no exclusivity in this. There are smart rich
people and there are smart poor people. But if you got
money, you can study in any school that you want.
Information is at you finger tip. It is much harder to
gain knowledge if your resources are limited.

5.) With money you can
buy a doctor, but not good health?

Yes you can. DAMN IT.
If your body is born geneticaly weak. There is a little thing a doctor can do.
Even if you have money there is a LITTLE thing that anybody can do.
If you dont have money. There is nothing you can do. PERIOD.
Maliban na lang kung gusto mong gayahin si FPJ. Tutukan mo ng baril ang doctor... ILANG DEPOSITO ANG GUSTO MO?

But seriously, you can buy a good health. I can go on about this all day long, but I will just give a few example. With money you can enroll to a fitness gym, buy fruits, vitamins and take a vacation on your rest house some where that has a fress air. nuff said.

6.) With money you can
buy a Position, but not respect?

Yes you can.
There are asshole every where, in every company.
WITH or without money you can gain respect.
And I would like to emphasis on the word "WITH"

7.)With money you can
Buy blood, but not life.

Yes you can.
Maybe the person who wrote this have never been in a hospotal before. Peoples lives are being extended because of their health insurance and cash on their pockets. Think man, think.

8.) With money you can
buy sex
but not love.

Amen to that.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Angry Hero

I finally got some few time to color some of my drawings. And I might add that it turned out not bad at all despite that it is just only a flat colors.

This particular piece is also a submission for the T-Shirt company that I am engaged in right now. A few weeks ago, they e-mailed me that they need more designs to choose from. This is already the 4th one that I just finished, and I am still planning to send another one. At first, about the beginning of October. I thought that they could already create a printed T-Shirt of Kalayaan before Nov. 17(Comic Con). But never the less, I am still very much optimistic about this whole T-Shirt thing.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dead Wrestlers

I know that this is a little bit late for November 1. But I just could not resist posting this here. I consider this as a small way of tribute to them.

I was just cleaning my Hard drive when I stumbled into an old file of mine that contains the deceased wrestlers. It saddened me to see these great wrestles died so young. I guess, no matter how strong you are, death can still come to you when you least expect it.

1.) Chris Benoit.
     June 25,2007 Age : 40 , murder-suicide

2.) Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow.
     Jan 19,2007 Age : 45 , Drug overdose

3.) Eddie Guerrero.
      11/13/2005 Age: 38 , heart disease

4.) Big Boss Man (Ray Traylor)
      September 22, 2004  Age: 42 heart attack

5.) Hercules
      March 6, 2004,  Age: 47 heart attack

6.) Crash Holly (Michael Lockwood)
      November 6, 2003 ,  Age: 34

7.) Road Warrior Hawk.
      June 2,2003    Age : 46

8.) Miss Elizabeth
      May 1, 2003  -  Age: 42

9.) Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig
      Feb. 10, 2003  - Age: 44 , Cocaine Intoxication

10.) Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog)
     May 18, 2002   Age: 39- Heart Attack

11.) Yokozuna (Rodney Anoai)
     October 22, 2000   , Age: 34 Heart Attack

12.) Owen Hart (Blue Blazer)
     May 23,1999 , Age 33 ,
     Internal bleeding from blunt chest trauma

13.) "Ravishing" Rick Rude
     April 20, 1999 , Age: 41 heart Attack

14.) Junk Yard Dog
      June 2,1998  - Age: 45 , car accident

15.) Dino Bravo
      March 11, 1993 -  Age : 44 gunned down

16.) Kerry Von Erich (Texas Tornado)
      February 18,1993 - Age: 33 , heart attack

17.) Andre The Giant
      Jan 27,1993 - Age: 42, heart attack
Some of these wrestlers are the same age as I am today
when they died. 
This makes me think that I should 
really take good care of my health from now on.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Boring Days

This 4 day holiday is getting ridiculously boring. Even my kids are getting cooked up in our house. Normally, I do not have any thing against holidays, because it gives me time for more R and R. But holiday means no work, and no work, means no pay for a freelance programmer like me. :-(

Do you guys know that the Philippines has the most nos. of holidays in the world?

Anyhow, I would probably take my kids today to the mall or something. I also finished a few pages of Kalayaan 3 on this holiday. I also finished the cover for issue 4 and 5. But I guess, I will not be posting any of them yet, to avoid spoiling the series. Even though I have been very busy, I still say that it is getting boring for me. I guess, I just need a day out with my kids on the mall. :-)