Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to every body. If live here in the Philippines, I hope you do not fire up any fire cracker. We do not want to start the new year missing any fingers. Be safe everybody.... :D

Monday, December 29, 2008

Creating an Indie Comics - 3. Page Layout

It is wise to have a page layout laid in for visual reference in advance before you do the actual pages. This will be the way the pages must be properly organize or sequensed. Other wise the pages will jumble all over your comics. To give you a more idea on what I am talking about. Please see the figure below.

This will give you a birds eye view on what your comics will look like. So that just in case for example that you want to put a 2 page spread on your comics, you will know where is the exact page is best suited for them. The example above is just one way that you can arrange your comics. If you need more pages for your comics, you can remove the pin-up page,fan-art section and ads and move them and compress them in one page at the back area of your comics if you want to.

This also can help you on making the script. It will give you an idea what page of the story you want to give emphasis on. It will also help you on creating the thumb nails for the story, and give you an idea on how to divide the story of that issue on a specific number of pages.

(Kalayaan #5 - page 1 and 20)

Because of the Page Layout that I draw on a piece of paper. I know that when I scan my sequential pages and edit them on photoshop, page 1 and page 20 will be the pages that will pair. Page 20 will be on the left side and page 1 will be on the right side. So, the example image above is already ready for printing.

Please also check Gerry Alanguilan's creating mini-comics.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Damn Politicians

Please read this story. And I am sure you will get angry as I am right now. If only I have the powers of Kalayaan right now. Justice will be swift.

Vicissitude: The world has gone crazy.

Here are links to some sites that have covered the story.


Abante Tonite

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Creating an Indie Comics – 2. Paper size

Paper size or your work area where you draw your actual comics may vary in sizes. I do not use a 10 inch by 15 inch (10x15) standard size that professional artist of DC and Marvel often use. I use a bond paper size only because of the following reasons.

1.) I am not making a full blown comics. I only publish an ashcan size. It is a A4 size folded into half. Drawing on a large 10x15 will not make any sense since most of the lines will start to collide when I shrink it down to an ashcan size comics.

2.) For convenience. It will take me longer to draw a sequential art page on a 10x15 size. And I am afraid that I could not publish my comics every 4 months.

I often buy my supplies at NBS (National Book Store) and my art board for my sequential pages is no exception. I buy an 8.5x11 Vellum type board (brand is Elit). It is just the right size, texture and thickness for me. It is also the same board that I previously used for the cover of issue #1 and #2 of Kalayaan. As you might have noticed, issue 1 and 2 is the size of a folded short bond paper. While I started to use an A4 glossy photo paper from issue #3 onwards.

If you want a little bit more larger work area than 8.5x11, you can get its bigger brother 8.5x13, but of course it will cost you a little bit more. The 8.5x11 cost at P21.50(10pcs.) while 8.5x13 cost at P24.50 (10pcs.) .

But weather you use a shot bond size or an A4 size, it does not matter, as long as you retain the aspect ratio of your work area.

What is an Aspect Ratio?

To put it very simple. You must retain the shape of your comics when you enlarge it or shrink it. Look at the figure below and you will get what I mean.

So if you are going to print your indie comics on an A4 size (or any size) just like I do. Here are the steps in getting the right work area/margin of your sequential page.

Get an A4 paper and fold it in half.

Place that on top of the 8.5x11 Vellum paper. And place a vertical and horizontal line on the left side and bottom of the paper respectively. Following the rule above on retaining the aspect ratio. Create a line from the bottom Left to the upper right tip of the A4 paper and continue the line to the Vellum paper.

Remove the A4 paper and create a horizontal line above and a vertical line on the right side. Make sure that those two new lines connects at the same point. And thats it. You can now use this as a template for the border/margin of all the other pages.

After drawing your art on this size, you can now rest assure that the aspect ration is the same with a folded A4 size. And even shrinking it in Photoshop and laying out the pages, would still retain its aspect ratio (That is assuming that you do not distort the image in the scale option of Photoshop.).

Please also check Gerry Alanguilan's creating mini-comics.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Creating an Indie Comics - 1. Plot and Script

I am often ask on how to start their own indie comics. Instead of answering them one by one. It would be better and beneficial to many just to write it down here in my blog. Because I do not want to repeat my self. And I know in the future, I will also be asked with the same questions :D.

I will write down a series of post here, regarding on that subject matter because I cannot answer this huge topic in just one post. I also want to stress out that this is not the only way to create you own comics since there are other comics tutorial out there. It just so happens that this is how I create my comics. So this is basically from my very own experience. You are very much welcome to skip some of the steps here when you think that you are not comfortable with it or simply you already know about it. And you can also make your own way as well. I will not pretend that I am such an expert on this subject matter since I still feel that I am a rookie (which I am) in comics making. So please bear with me if I occasionally type in some mistake here and there.

Creating the Plot and Script

It start with an idea. You cannot create a comics without having a story first. If you already have an idea or character in mind. It is better to write it down. Even how small or insignificant it may seams, write it down! And when an inspiration hits you. Do not stop or wait a while before you write it down on a piece of paper. This thing comes very rare so better make the best of it as much as you can. Because you just never know when the next inspiration of idea will come (or if it will ever come). This idea does not entirely means a whole complete story. This thing can also comes some small bits of pieces of idea for a story that you can patch it together later on to make a seamless story line. Your reader (and even you) will have that "Ahhhhaaaa, I see" factor and amazement of unpredictability of the story line that you made. That is assuming you created a very good script.

One of the hardest thing that I found in the entire comic book production, is writing the script. Making a plot (story with no character dialog) is much easier for me. But creating a script and breaking down the entire plot into 20 sequential pages with dialogs is very brain draining.

Many year ago, I always wonder why is the script writer always comes first before the artist. And now I know. It takes a lot of brain power to create a script. (silly me)

I often create the plot of my story, way ahead of the script. I often create the plot during my commute from office to our house. When I got that itch to create a story, I will write it down immediately. Those moments are rare and I tend to make the most of it. Even if the vehicle is moving, I will write the idea down and just revise it at home.

After the plot comes the creation of the script (the complete story with character dialog). I only create the script only when I am ready to draw the entire issue. It is hard for me to write a script without drawing a simple sketch (thumbnails) of the page layout. It is much easier for me, if I will create the page layout with the character dialog simultaneously.

I write my script (with thumbnails) on a short bond paper. I divide the paper into 4 equal parts as shown above. For one bond paper, I would write down 2 pages (script with thumbnails side by side) of my comics. Since my comics has 20 pages, I would need 10 bond paper in all. I like this kind of writing compared to the traditional way of a writer because if ever I would become a full time comic book writer. Artist would have a much easier illustrating the story that I have written because aside from the written down story, he will have a heads up on the visual because of the thumbnails.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Toycon and BK Videoke

That's Carlo Pagulayan (Incredible Hulk) and Me at Toycon in Megamall last saturday. The whole BayanKnight gang was there also selling our BK#1 comics. I also bought a bunch of comics from Comics Odyssey table. They have this bunch of stack of comics that sells only at P20. I just could not resist my self not scan all of them and bring home many title as I can.

After the Toycon event, we also had a small hilarious party at a restaurant in Megamall. I am still waiting the others to post or email me the pictures. I forgot to take any of them since I was so busy laughing my ass of. :D

If that wasn't enough, after the party we head off at a family videoke bar. I never thought that comic book people are also very good singer as well. And some are good dancers as well :D. I would say that this is the climax of the entire day for me. We had such a good time that we went home roughly 4 to 5 am in the morning.

Till next time guys..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kalayaan New Glove Design

Here is the new Kalayaan Gloves design. I wanted to make this small transition for quite some time now. I just felt that the previous design did not gave him enough flexibility in his wrist.

This sketches will serves as a reference for me (and others as well).

It is metallic inside, and the exterior is an experimental new Kevlar Polymer (bullet proof). The reason I did the old design simply because of the blades that comes out near of his knuckle. This time around, I have to make a little compromise. The blades will come out near the wrist area. And that will result to a smaller one.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It is my turn to create a fan art for my fellow Bayan Knight.
This is Gwapoman... an ex-thief, now a vigilante.

Gwapoman... created by Aaron Felizmenio

Friday, December 12, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that Randy "The Natural" Couture of the UFC, was the Scorpion King?

As a huge UFC fan that I am. I was surprise that I only know this recently. The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior was released in USA last August 19,2008. Too bad Randy loosed his Heavyweight title to Brock Lesnar. Win, Loose or Draw... I still love Randy because he is such a nice person. Very humble, my hero of the UFC.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008


This comic strip is a true to life story of me in last Komikon. And I think that it is very hilarious.

Many thanks to Ian Along who created this strip. He created this strip while we were selling comics in the Komikon. Very talented guy.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Panalo nanaman si Manny Pacquiao.

Proud to be Filipino nanaman tayo.... sa loob at labas ng bansa. Kahit nakakabwisit ang ating presidente... kahit paano, pa minsan minsan na tulad ng sandaling ito ay na natutuwa tayong maging Pilipino. Alam nyo sometimes naaawa rin ako sa mga OFW nating mga kababayan na nag titiis at napipilitang pumunta sa ibang bansa at willing mahiwalay sa pamilya dito sa Pilipinas para lang kumita ng pera. Kung tutuusin, kung matino lang talaga ang gobyero natin ay hindi na kailangan pang umalis ng milyon milyong Pilipino. There are already a great deal of opportunities here. Nawawala lang dahil sa corruption sa gobyerno.

Anyway, I do not want to spoil the happiness that we are enjoying right now. Kahit alam kong panandalian lang ito.

Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy..... Kahit saang parte pa kayo ng mundo.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Reading Jammbled Words

Aoccdrnig to rsecearh, it deosnt mttaer waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, olny taht the frist and lsat leettr be in the rghit pclae. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

New consignment

Bayan Knights #1 and Kalayaan 1 to 5 are now available at the following stores.

1.) Dynes Salon and Spa - Main branch
#21 paso de blas, Valenzuela City
tel.# 444-78785

2.) Dynes Salon and Spa - Malabon branch
#34 governor pascua ave. Acacia Malabon
tel.# 287-64354

3.) Dynes Salon and Spa - Fatima branch
119 McArthur hi-way, marulas
valenzuela city
tel.# 445-8885

Many thanks to Myles and her family for letting us sell our comics there.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Skyworld: Apocrypha

From all the comics that I bought at Komikon. Skyworld of Ian Sta. Maria and Mervin Ignacio stood out from the rest of them. The art work of Ian is just simply amazing. It is totally different from the cross hatching that I am very fun of, but still very pleasing with the eyes and the details is just tremendous. Ian is totally in a league on his own. I really recommend this to every comics lover out there. The only thing that I felt after reading this is just I was hanging in the edge. This book is clearly just an introduction. Bitin na bitin ako.

If Ian and Mervin can read this blog. Please finish the next chapter of this book coz I am craving for more... :D

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More pics

This picture of Heubert, Ian and me was taken by Rommel (Omeng) Estanislao. A person that I just meet at the Komikon. It also happens that he is also an office mate of Gener Pedrina at ABS-CBN. Omeng also has his own indie comics which is entitled "ANAK NG TUPANG ITIM, HERO ANG BAGONG BAYANI"

This is Hazel Manzano-Chua of Callwork, taking picture with me. Holding in her arms is Kalayaan issue #5 that she just bought. With matching tarpaulin back ground pa. :D

If you are still not convinced that the last Komikon event was not fun. Just look at the faces of these crazy dude. Heubert, Wan, Mike, Ian, Bien del Rosario of Adoboverse, Me and Erico Calimlim of Pag-Asa Comics.

Ian doing his own version of Superman, Markus (pa cute) and Me (lalong pa cute) :D

Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Komikon Pictures

Me with Myles... one of the youngest member of Bayan Knights.

Me with Mark Rosario from the city of Dagupan. At longs last, I have finally meet with this guy in person.

Back view of the indie boys.. Me, Ian Along, Wan and Heubert.

Heubert Khan Michael of Unstoppable, Paul Michael Ignacio of Boy Ipis, Juan Paolo Malinao MaƱanita of Morion, Ian Walter Along of Grads Tayo and Giovanni M. Paredes of Kalayaan. Naks napaka pormal. :D

Special thanks to Azrael of taking this picture. I was so busy selling my comics at this part of the day. People was just coming from all over the place. Sometimes I felt like I was not entertaining other people while I was busy signing my comics that another person was buying.

Very busy selling comics..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kalayaan V.S. Bernardo Karpio

Aside from my comics, I also have sold a few mini-poster at the last Komikon. One of them is this piece. It was just about I think 2pm that I was already sold out of these mini-poster. I only printed a few of them because I was thinking that they will not sell. Boy am I wrong.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Komikon 2008 lotsa pictures

Okey, I think it is now safe to say that all the dust had now settled from the recently concluded 4th Annual Komikon. Medyo matino na ang pag iisip ko ngayon. Makakapag sulat na ako ng matino tino. :D

Isang taon kong inantay ang event na ito kaya gabi palang ay talagang pinag aayos ko na ang mga gamit ko. An average of 20 to 25 copies of each Kalayaan issue ang dinala ko. Together with this tarpaulin and a punch of artwork that I have printed on an A4 photo paper that is taped on a plastic cover that I bought in national book store.
I arrived at UP Bahay ng Alumni at exactly 8:40am. A little bit early than the other exhibitor. Levy had text me as early as 6am in the morning. Akala ko maaga sya, yun pala eh nauuna pa ako sa kanya. Maaga lang pala sya mag text. :D

(From left to right) Babaeng kasama namin sa indie table na hindi ko natanong ang pangalan, Heubert Khan Michael ... the creator of Unstoppable, yours truly ... just getting started, and some dude I totally have no idea who he is... nag tatanong lang yata kung nasaan ang C.R.

That is Ian Along on my right... ako naman very busy (walang pake sa mundo) sa pag sketch sa Art Jam namin. Sayang at walang malaki laking velum paper. The sketch jam was the idea of Heubert, and it turn out pretty nice. Sayang at di nakasali ang iba. You can check the image of the sketch jam HERE.

That is Wan creator of Morion,Ian Along again, Mike Ignacio the creator of Boy Ipis and Me (wala paring pakiaalam). Natatawa ako kasi si Mike may tinta sa table namin at sa table sa likod namin. Kapag may bibili ng comics nya sa table namin. Tatawagin namin sya "Hoy... Boy Ipis may bibili ng comics mo". Noong bandang hapon na at medyo pagod na kami. Pag may bibili ng comic nya ang sigaw na namin ay iba na.. "Hoy ... ipis bili comics mo" ... hehehe.

But seriously, I really admire Mike for his perseverance to sell his comics. Bihira lang kasi ang taong ganun. He is very much dedicated to comics and his character. Just to give you an example, he even name Boy Ipis alter ego with his real name. Mike Ignacio rin talaga ang alter ego name ni Boy Ipis. Talagang kinarir. :D

This is the new Gwapings 2008 edition. (L to R) Heubert, Mike, Wan, Ian Along, Me and RedG Vicente creator of Mananabas. Si Wan nakapoint ng one. :D

Noong bandang umaga pa lang mga 9am to 11am ay onti pa lang ang tao. But on the afternoon it was a total chaos. I could not leave my table, sayang kasi kung may bumili at wala ako. That is why just like last year as sad as it may seams. Hindi ako nakapag ikot uli. :-( Sana naman kasi dalawang araw sana ang event na ito. But I have promised to my self next year would be different. Mag alot talaga ako ng time para makalibot. Mga 15 mins siguro, orasan ko sarili ko.

Oh eto pa, isang katutak na tao... sige lang dagsa lang ng dagsa.. the more , the merrier. The more victims... este more customer pala, the better.

I bought a copy of Unstoppable #1 of Heubert. Ibang klase rin ang racket ng taong to. Kada bibili ng comics nya, may libreng sketch. Nag pa sketch tuloy ako ng Unstoppable at Kalayaan sa kanya. Siguro kung ginaya ko ito, namamaga na ang kanang kamay ko. Eh almost 50 times ba naman ako mag sketch. Magiging mas malaki ang kanang kamay ko sa kanan kaysa kaliwa.

This are the indie boys... Konting trivia lang po. Alam nyo ba na napalibutan ako ng mga kaliwete? Heubert, Ian and Wan are all left handed. Hindi ko sure is Boy Ipis. And also, Ed Tadeo is left handed. Theoretically, left handed people are very good artist since left handed means right brain hemisphere dominant. The right brain hemisphere handle the creation and imaginary while the left hemisphere handles the mathematics and logic.

One BIG happy Bayan Knight Family. This is the post-Komikon dinner-clebration of sorts at Shakey's Katipunan.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Komikon Aftershock

Komikon 2008 was exhausting but very much worth it. Just like the previous Komikon. I did not had any chance to roam around because I have to man my post and sell my comics as much as I can. I have sold more comics this time than last year. From my inventory today, I have calculated that I have sold a little bit more than a 50 copies of Kalayaan (Issue 1 to 5). Last year, if I am not mistaken, I have sold a little bit more than 30 copies (Issue 1 and 2) . I only hope that the momentum of my sales would continue up to next years event.

Thats me with the two legendary comic artist. I was lucky enough that I came in early at the event that I got the chance to take a picture with them. Thanks again to Omi for taking this picture.

Manila man and his creator Rhiver. Rhiver is one of the most creative person that I know. Aside from being a good artist, he also comes up with this awesome and some times crazy concept. Just to give you an example, after Komikon we had a little dinner celebration at Shakeys. While there, I saw one of his intriguing character and asked what is his name. He said "His name is Birthday Boy, a villain that I created for Manila Man". I replied "Why Birthday Boy?", "Because he always kill a person on his Birthday."...... See what I mean.. :-)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Making the Time

This post was submitted by Chris Eliopoulos.


There’s a difference between an amateur and a professional. The amateur works when the mood strikes. The professional works.

I often hear people tell me they want to do a strip or write a comic or mow the lawn — really — when they get the chance.


There is always a chance. There is always time. The only thing getting in the way is you. I’ve heard every excuse under the sun why you can’t get things done: I have classes, I have work, I’m extremely busy getting inspiration on the Internet. It’s all BS.

I’ll let you in on my life. I am happily married with two 9-year-old boys. Every morning, my wife goes to work early and it’s up to me to get breakfast for the kids, make their beds, make sure they get dressed and have their teeth brushed before I drive them to school. Then at 4p.m., my wife picks up the kids. We work with them on their homework (which sometimes takes 2 hours). We make them dinner, get them showered and ready for bed by 9 p.m. If you’ve ever had kids, you know the stress it is chasing after them to get everything done.

I also have a couple of jobs. Maybe even 3 or 4. I letter comic books. Lots of them. On average I do about 8 or so books a month. I also own a company where 4 guys letter books under my direction. I check their work, help with titles, work on styles, work with editors on giving them what they want, designing new fonts and trafficking lots of titles. It’s more than a fulltime job.

I also write and draw a quarterly comic book. I write it, pencil it, ink it and letter it. I used to color it, but it just took up too much time—I had to give it up kicking and screaming. So, that’s 100-pages-a -year of that. Also, this past year I wrote 4 issues of another comic title. Again, that is what some writers’ fulltime job for three months would be.

So, as you can see, I’m really busy. I work nights, weekends, holidays—all the time. So why add a daily strip into the mix when there is no guarantee of money, reward, or even modest recognition?

I have to.

I don’t just want to write this strip, I have to do it. And I’ve made the time to do it. And so can you. But what does that really mean?

Instead of playing Grand Theft Auto, put down the controller and pick up the pencil. Can’t miss the latest episode of Family Guy? Get a lapboard and draw while watching. If you really want to do this — if you need to do this — then do it. No excuses. A body at rest will stay at rest until acted upon.

Act upon that dream of doing a webcomic and keep the momentum.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kalayaan in California

Here is another one of my crazy but good friend Arnold Montes that now lives in Sacramento, California wearing my Kalayaan T-Shirt.

Makakarating din ako dyan pare balang araw, magkikita rin tayo.. Hehehe :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting ready for Komikon 2008

This beautiful 6x2 feet Tarpaulin was provided by the very generous Omi Remalante. I owe this guy big time since he is also the one who colored the cover of Kalayaan #5.

I love you pare... hehehehe.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ohhhh my Police.

I am already busy working on the pages of Kalayaan #6. And in this issue there were a few Police scene. So I decided to search for a Philippine Police picture reference. I was very surprise when I came across this picture.

Sana lahat ng pulis ganito na lang ang itsura. :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

Komikon 2008

Only 8 days before Komikon
Ready or not here it comes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fan Art by Erico

This awesome work was done by Erico Calimlim. A very promising artist if you ask me. He has the passion and willingness to learn. I was very impressed by him on how fast he improves on his skills. I only hopes that his momentum would continue all the way.
This one is colored by Santy Panes. Also a fellow Bayan Knights member who's original character is Bagwis. I have not yet meet him personally since he lives in Olongapo. But I can say he is a nice guy since we often chat with each other.