Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A different feeling

It always delights me each time I receive a fan art. People taking their precious time just to draw my character. And one particular person who had created so many fan art uses a pen name Originalnameless. His real name is Joy Paz A. Gatdula. He currently holds the record of the most Kalayaan fan art, around 9 drawing in all (including the villains). It's been quite a while since we have exchange messages. But many months ago, we occasionally trade messages quite often. And each messages he sends me , there is always a message of respects towards me. An honor that most of the time that I feel that I do not deserve.    

I have not met him in person before, and I'm afraid that I will not have that chance. Because I am very sad to say that he just passed away earlier this month due to a heart attack. I had confirmed it from the post of Gian Carlo in DeviantArt. 

To be honest, I was a little ashamed of my self not seeing it sooner that he was the one that the comics group Hollow Point was saying that just passed away earlier this month. 

It is a little bit different feeling for me being sad for a death of someone that I never met in person before. I guess this is what Ferdinand Blumentritt felt like when he received the news that Jose Rizal died.  

It is such a shame for an early age of only 32 he is already gone. There are so much potential on him. I really regret not meeting him in person. This kind of things makes me thank our creator more each day for the life that he gave me. For a person that will be 39 years old this October, it makes me think how lucky I am for I am still here.

The following artwork are the fan art that he send me. Goodbye my friend and thank you very much for these wonderful art that you gave me.

--- update ---
This is Joy Paz  A. Gatdula (Originalnameless) - official page ->

Bombs Away #5 from Hollow Point comics will be dedicated to him to Joy. Here is the cover.