Friday, January 30, 2009

K2 - Page 1 and 2

Thursday, January 29, 2009

K1 - Page 17 and 18

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kalayaan is featured in FHM

(click the image to enlarge )

This is probably the first time that I have bought an FHM magazine because of the article and not the naked women inside. It is because Kalayaan comics and other local indie was featured. I got this info from our Bayan Knights mailing list and I hurry up and bought a copy of the February issue of FHM Magazine Philippines.

I wasn't really jumping up and down after reading the review on my comics. The first thing that came into my mind is "SPOILER". But that is okay, I am currently posting issue 1 to 4 as web comics, so.... the people are going to know about it any away. Another thing that had bothered me is that they say that my character "cries a lot". A dozen panels? They must have mistaken a crying face from a sad face. He is not crying on the cover of issue 4 by the way, he is just sad. Well, those are just the impression of the reviewer of the magazine. Things will be clear out when the entire issue 4 have been posted here in my blog. And you will be the judge if he cries a lot or just sad and depressed.

Anyway, they have also featured Digmaan Salinlahi of Jon Zamar, Callworks of Hazel Manzano, Salted of Saladbox Group, Elmer of Gerry Alanguilan, Bless our Trip by Layason Studios and of course, our very own Bayan Knights #1...Yehey. :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bayan Knights #1 - in stores

National Bookstore - Recto
National Bookstore - Tutuban
National Bookstore - Rizal Avenue
National Bookstore - San Lazaro
Robinson's Galleria - Best Sellers
National Bookstore - Sta Lucia East
National Bookstore - Trinoma
National Bookstore - SM City North
Comic Quest - SM North Edsa
Comic Quest - SM Megamall
National Bookstore Cyber One - Eastwood City
National Bookstore Glorietta
National Bookstore- Market Market
National Bookstore- North Ave.
National Bookstore- Q Plaza
Comic Oddyssey- Robinson's place ermita
Comic Oddyssey- Robinson's Galleria
Comic Oddyssey- Glorietta
Comic Oddyssey- Eastwood City

Dynes Salon and Spa - Main branch
#21 Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City
tel.# 444-78785
Dynes Salon and Spa - Malabon branch
#34 Governor Pascua Ave. Acacia Malabon
tel.# 287-64354
Dynes Salon and Spa - Fatima branch
119 McArthur Hi-Way, Marulas, Valenzuela City
tel.# 445-8885

We will update the list as we deliver copies to more stores.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am a stubborn guy.

I am a stubborn guy.

I refuse to give up even if I have already failed many times. I never loosed hope even if I see many people are backing out and going the other way and just passes me by. A well known artist once told me that my drawing is no good and yet, here I am, going to publish another issue of Kalayaan this coming month.

I remember a week ago, when I was interviewed by a group of student from P.U.P. (where I also graduated) . Part of the interview, I have talked that this is just something I have to do. This is a personal thing for me. I need to prove to my self that I can create and publish my own comic book. I have told the students that back in 2007, when I was just to publish my very first comics, I made up my mind. I just don't care what other people would say anymore. I don't care weather they would tell how much my work sucks. I won't be bother if it would not sell. It is a personal thing for me.

Today, I just received an email reply from a publisher that I have pitch my comics a few months ago. My work is rejected. And they have said something similar like “come back to us after a few years from now when your art is better”. Even if it was not the reply that I was hoping for. I am still grateful for them, for taking the time and reading my stuff. All of this time I just thought that they never got my email, or just simply ignored me.

I am a stubborn guy, but even stubborn guy get depressed once in a while.

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Broken Desktop PC

When I came home from our BK meeting last night (or should I say morning), I found out that my desktop PC would not open. There is a power on the mother board but the dip switch on the mother board (I think) seams to be broken and I don't know how to fix the darn thing. All my Kalayaan files are stored in my desktop PC, but there is no problem about that since I can easily yank the Hard disk out and copy it to another PC. But the hassle of every thing is very depressing. Since I am almost in the home stretch of issue #6. I am a little bit afraid that I might be forced to buy a new PC, which is not possible at this time since we are short on cash lately.

It's also a good thing that I have this 8 year old laptop (which is a miracle that still works) which I am using to type this journal.

Life is full of trials and am very depress right now.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another new store

Another new store is now selling my Kalayaan comics, all 5 issues of it. And it just a few blocks away from our house. :D

It is at
Mr.Boy Perol News and Magazine Stand

located at
ES-EM Market, Zabarte Road, Novaliches Quezon City (In front of North Olympus Subd.)

I know some of the D.A. people that lives near our area. Some of them even approached me last Komikon. I think they will be happy to know that Kalayaan comics is now available at this part of town. :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Starting the year with a Bang

I am constantly thinking of the ways that I can improve my comics in all aspect. That's not only in terms of product quality, but also in distribution and marketing as well. In the end of the day, comics publishing is still a business. And in business, you must market, promote and advertise your product to as much many people as you can, or you can kiss your business goodbye.

I must admit that I am not very satisfied by the way I promote my comics. I felt that I could have done better. And better is what I am going to do this year ahead of us.

With that said. I have decided that I will make my Kalayaan comics to be published in the internet as a web comics. Yup... you heard it right, Web Comics. I will be posting the entire issue 1 to 4 of Kalayaan in my blog. I will post 2 pages every other day starting January 12 until all the first 4 issues are completely posted. After all 4 issues have been posted. I will also create a link of all those pages in the Kalayaan official site for ease of use. I will also start to translate the first 4 issues to the English language, so that the non-Tagalog reading people will understand it as well.

I hope by doing this, I will attract more readers to buy or at lease check out my Kalayaan series.

Thank you very much to all.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kalayaan of the Future

30 to 40 years in to the Future. Fully aware of all his powers. He is now one of the most powerful being in the universe.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Kalayaan 6 Cover

I must be going crazy

The day that I had an idea for a new Kalayaan costume, I had a little argument with him.
Gio : Sige na pumayag ka na. Lalagyan kita ng Kapa. Superman has one, Capt. Marvel (Shazam) has “Cape” and even Majestic has a “Cape”. That will be cool ... sige na.

Kalayaan: Cool mo mukha mo. Ayoko nga mag suot ng Kapa. Bat mo naman ako igagaya sa mga iyon eh puro mga KANO yun. Mag karoon ka nga ng sariling originality at wag kang gaya gaya sa iba. Pa ingles ingles ka pa dyan. Conyo ka talaga ano? At isa pa, Martial Artist ako, nakaka sagabal iyang KAPA pag nakikipag laban na ako. Hindi mo ba napanood ang “The Incredibles” ng Pixar? Ika nga ni Edna eh “Nooooooo Cape”.

Gio : Eh ikaw pala dyan ang nag i-ingless eh. Si Captain Barbel, Pinoy may Kapa rin naman ah.

Kalayaan: Ginaya ko lang si Edna, ano ka ba? Basta... ayoko pa ring mag karoon ng Kapa.

Gio: Oh sige ganito na lang. Kakabasa ko lang kasi ng Rambol comics eh. Ang setup noon ay sa Future. Mga 30 to 40 year ahead sa time line mo ngayon. Medyo na inspired ako ng konti.

Kalayaan: Tapos? Ano ngayon?

Gio: Iniisiip ko kasi kung ano na ang itsura mo sa panahon na iyon? Medyo matanda ...este matured na lang pala. Iniisip ko kasing lagyan kita ng balbas.. at medyo puti ang buhok mo, sa gilid lang naman tulad ni Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards). At syempre lalagyan kita ng Cape. Oh ayan ha. Sa future pa naman yun. 30 to 40 years pa, at hindi ngayon... siguro naman ay papayag ka na nyan.

Kalayaan : Pag isipan ko muna...... Dapat kasi may purpose bakit ako nag kapa eh.

Gio : May idea na rin ako dyan, wag kang mag alala.

Kalayaan : Ano naman yun?

Gio : Hindi kasi ordinaryong Cape ang ilalagay ko sa iyo. “Cape of healing” iyon. Astig di ba?

Kalayaan : “Cape of Healing” ano yun? Parang Wolverine ako pag suot suot ko iyon? May healing factor? Wala ka talagang originality. Baka pag sabihan nanaman tayo ng mga walang hiyang critic na “Ayyy Parang si gito, parang si ganun”. Letche yang mga yan.

Gio : Hindi .. ikaw naman oh. .... pero parang ganun na nga. Wag mo na pansinin yung mga critics na yun. Ganun talaga pag nag publish ng comics, hindi mawawala yun. Anyway, basically, sasabihin ko na hindi naman talaga para sa iyo yung powers ng “Cape of healing” na iyon. Para iyon sa mga taong nililigtas mo. Halimbawa, may sinagip ka na Lola, sa nasusunog na bahay. Tapos nagkaroon ng pilay si Lola. Babalutan mo lang sya ng kapa at gagaling na sya. Cool di ba? Pwede na yun. Magandang idea yun. At isa pa, pag may Kapa ka, mas lalo kang mag mumukhang Super-Duper Lakas.

Kalayaan : Sige na nga.. medyo maganda ang dating sa akin kung ganyan. Medyo ma iilang ako ng konti sa pag soot ng Kapa, pero okey lang, alang-alang sa mga taong masasagip ko. Basta sa Future wag mo akong lalagyan ng ringkels sa mukha ha. Kundi mag aaway tayo.... Pero teka? Saan naman nang galing ang Kapang iyon?

Gio : Balak ko kasing gawing regalo iyon ng Lolo mo sa iyo. Lolo mo sa mother side mo. Alam mo naman yung mga kamag anak mo sa mother side mo... MALALAKAS na nilalang at masyadong mga misteryoso ang mga yun.

Kalayaan : Teka... HINDI KO YUN ALAM AH? Ang dami mo palang alam sa mga kamag anak ko bat di mo sinasabi sa akin.

Gio : Shhhhhh, wag kang maingay... ibubulong ko na lang sa iyo. Baka kasi may maka rinig eh

(wishu wishu, bulong bulong, wishu wishu, bulong bulong)

Kalayaan : HA!!!? GANUN? ANAK NG KAMOTE.. Talaga?

Gio : Oo, kaya wag kang maingay. Sikret natin yun. :D

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Creating an Indie Comics – 5. Putting it together

Now that you have created your comics and photo copied many copies of it. It is time to put it together (literally). Unlike the big company that has their own factory printer or at lease has the capital to pay a printer to produce and staple their comics. We as an indie creator does not have the luxury of it. You can buy a long stapler at NBS at P500 or more.

Or if you want to go cheap like I do. You can use an ordinary cheap stapler that you might already have.

Get a two book that is identical in thickness and lay them down on a firm base opposite at each other with a small gap as shown in the image below.

Fold your comics so that you will have a guide where the stapler has to be. Place you comics over the two book as shown below and start firing away that stapler.

And then presto. You have your own printing press at your living room. :D

For a little bit more flare of professionalism, I strongly recommend that you put you comics inside a plastic. Those things are very very cheap, but it will protect your comics from people that wants to mangle with them in the stores (or at lease will discourage them) and it will also dramatically change the people will look at your comics compared to those that has no plastic at all. So don't be lazy ok :D

IMAGE (of you comics, one plastic and the whole bunch of plastic).

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Going Away

Office mate friends that are saying good bye.

Two of my officemates are leaving our company and our country to join their respective husband abroad. One in New York and one in Canada. Both I will never forget in my life since they are a few nice person that I have come to meet with.

Nida.... off to Los Angeles.

She is a real Kikay. She and I always having our laughs every time we talk. I could not remember a time that we had any argument on something or having any “Tampuhan” or “Galit” with each other for the past many many years that we know each other. I hope next time me meet, we would be less heavier that we are now...he he he.

Wella... off to Canada

She is one of the most humble person I know. Even there are times that I am a little bit cranky, she will humbly calm me down and she will stick with finding the solution to our problem. A very intelligent person, since she always get what I am instructing her with only one teaching. I am sometimes a little bit nervous because I know that the person that will replace her position will not be as smart as she is. Thus making our office operation at risk. I only hope the the person(s) that will replace her will be patient enough and will to learn enough on the things that I am going to teach her.

I will surely miss talking to them and seeing them around.


Hoy Wella, mag comment ka naman dito sa blog ko. Alam kong nag babasa ka nito. Kaya mag comment ka na dito at wag ka nang mahiya.. Sayang lang pag senti ko dito.. :D

Friday, January 02, 2009

Creating an Indie Comics – 4. Printing the cover

Some of you might be wondering why I shifted from using standard 8.5x11 short bond paper to A4 size. This is because of the cover. Glossy cover that is. I have found that using a glossy photo paper as my cover is really not that expensive. There is only a small amount difference between a Vellum cover and a glossy photo paper. So I decided that I will go for the glossy. It all started when I saw this cheap Photo paper at CD-R king. A store that I often go for my supply of blank DVD. A 25pcs. photo paper will only cost you P100. So if you do the math, the cost of your cover (with out adding the cost of printer ink) would be P4 each. The only catch is that CD-R king does not have any short bond paper size (8.5x10) photo paper. So I am forced to use an A4 size for my comics.

What about the Ink cost?

Unlike before, the printer ink now comes on a very cheap price (I also buy my ink at CD-R king). As long as you have the patience to inject/refill your printer cartridge on your own. It seams tedious to some, but I have gotten used to it that I can refill my Canon Pixma cartridge in no time. If your are looking to buy a new ink jet printer to be used for your comics. I suggest that you buy a borderless printer. So that you will not have to cut off the edges of the printed cover anymore. In a long run, it will save you more time and head ache. And also, you might want a printer that could print on a 10x15 wide paper.

Each of those small container cost only P30. Multiply it by 4 (blue,cyan,magenta and black) and you will get P120 that could print you around 50 to 70 (depends on you art) pages of full blown, full colored cover (A4 size). Nicccceeeee isn't it :D

And if you have the money. You can also buy the bigger one that cost P200 for each color. This ink will last you a very looooooonnnnng time. :D Even with all the 4 colors combined, it will only cost you P800. That is compared to a very expensive original ink(with cartridge) that will cost you around P1,200. And that will only last for about 20 to 25 covers.

Update Nov.14,2011

About a year ago. I bought a new Canon border-less printer and made it Continuous Ink System (CIS) at InkRite store in SM Fairview. This just made my life a whole lot easier.