Monday, August 07, 2006

Batista is a Filipino

I can't believe it. Batista of WWE is a Filipino. He has a Filipino and Greek heritage. His real name David Michael Bautista. It was only last saturday when I saw the Jesica Sojo report show on GMA7. They were featuring Filipinos that had reach international stardom. Most of them I already know. But I had not any idea that Batista was one of them.

He recently had a Tatoo of the Philippine flag and Greek in his left shoulder. The Jesica Sojo Report show has a blurd and quick preview of it. Im still searching the net for his recent photo.

It's a good day to be a Filipino. Specialy after watching the Black Eyed Pease concert last night on Channel 2. I realy admire Allan Pineda(Apl) of having such a deep fealings of his heritage. His literally shouting out to the world that he is proud to be a Filipino.

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