Wednesday, November 22, 2006

DSL Connection

This comming week, I will have a DSL connection in our house. I realy need this for my work. Since because for the past 2 months, I am only working at home and sending update of my programs to our office in ortigas. At first, the dial-up connection was tolerable. But recently, it has been sooooo sloooow.
At first, I thought it was just my computer. So I reformat it, but with no luck. It was still as slow as a dying snail. That is also the reason I was not updating this blog more frequently.

Hopefully with the connection it would be lighting fast. The sales agent of BayanTel DSL that I have talked(Yes, were BayanTel. No PLDT in our area) to said that its a 384 kbps download. I know in reality that is not the real/actual speed that consummer would have. That would be on a non peak hours only. But I am still hoping it will be so. But come to think about it, an approximate 200 kbps to 250 kbps is already fine with me.

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