Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I was going through some old stuff last night when I came accross to this picture. This was taken, I think around year 2000 when I was still a student of Gilbert Monsanto at LEARN in SM megamall. With me in the picture is the big guy him self, Whilce Portacio. Founding member of Image comics and a great artist. Also with us is Gilbert Monsanto the headmaster and little old me.

Speaking of known people. I also saw this old pic of me and Andrew E. At that time, I was a huge fan of him. I used to memorised all of his Rap song back then.
I was luck enough to be able to have this pic with him when he was promoting his 3rd or 4th album back then in SM north edsa.

When I look at this pictures, I alway get the notion that I realy gotten realy fat on this past few years. I was realy skinny back then. Now I look like a 5 month pregnant woman. I realy need to get this excess fats off.

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