Wednesday, May 26, 2010

K2 Complementary Copy

I just received this morning the complementary copy of Kalayaan #2 from Forex. And just like the first complementary copy of Kalayaan #1 that I got two months ago, the print quality and paper is beautiful.

They have moved the inside front cover page to give way to their colored ads in this issue as seen below.
They have put their second ads just before the pin-up center fold created by non other than the Bayan Knights leader Gilbert Monsanto.

And this is the pin-up center fold provided by Gilbert Monsanto. I am so lucky that a person like him to support me during those early issue of Kalayaan.

The 3rd Ads of Forex goes just after the pin-up.

And the last Forex Ads is in full color that is positioned at the inside back cover of the comics. I was reading these ads, and up to now, I just still can't believe my eyes when I see the state branches such as MetroDC, Baltimore, Virginia Beach and New Jersey. I still have to pinch my self just to make sure I am not dreaming that my comics is being distributed across many states of America.

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