Sunday, June 12, 2011

My radio interview in mp3

I just got the audio file of my second guesting at Sonshine Radio. I took the liberty of editing and removing the commercial part of the show, I just wanted it to be smaller and easier to download (I used the Audacity software to edit the file, this software really Rocks by the way, I really enjoy using it. :D). So... for those of you who did not had a chance to listen it live... you can download it here. To download the file, right click the link and choose the "save link as" option.


Mark Rosario said...

Napa "yuck" ako when Carlo J's name was mentioned heheh..

Anyway, cool exposure for Kalayaan, Gio. Sanay na sanay ka talaga sa interviews ah :)

Gio Paredes said...

Ako nga rin eh. Napa ngiting aso ako at sabay kamot sa ulo nang binangit yung pangalan na iyon. >:(

edmondpogi said...

ayos tol! great music

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