Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Free Kalayaan 0 at Flipreads

Because FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) is just around the corner (Saturday, May 5).I decided to give away Kalayaan #0 in both printed and digital form. Kalayaan #0 (english version) is now available as a FREE ebook at Flipreads website. Just click on the link HERE to download. But you still have to register on their site in order to download their free books. And while your already there, you might also want check out their free books. There are a lot of cool stuff there.

And if you have any problem downloading it from Flipreads, you can also download it directly HERE.

I will also give away a printed copy (photocopy only) during FCBD (or after, depending on my schedule).  I might be at Comic Odyssey in the morning and ComicX Hub in the afternoon. The printed version is very limited because there are only a few copies that I could afford to print and give away. So I hope to see you all at FCBD.    

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