Monday, June 11, 2012

Updated Kalayaan Website

I have just updated the Kalayaan official website I have added fan art from known artist such as Carlo Vergara (creator of Zsazsa Zaturnnah), Gerry Alanguilan (Wasted, Elmer and Marvel/DC inker), Edgar Tadeo (Marvel/DC inker and the current artist of Dynamite comics Bionicman), Jethro Morales, Michael Layug and Bong Dacanay just to name a few. Making a total of 120 Kalayaan fan art in all. And there are a lot more image artwork that I have not yet uploaded at the site. It could probably reach 150 to 160 fan art when I am finish with it. With that, I would like to thank each and everyone who had spared a moment of their time to draw my character. I really appreciate each and everyone of it.  

I have also updated the STORES section with one store that I have consigned with just closed down and another just relocated. I must see to it the information there is always up to date. I have added also come links for the English digital version on Flipreads and of course the 75 National book store branches where I am currently distributing Kalayaan Vol.1.

I have also added in the VIDEO section some of the Media coverage that I had in the past.


Nikolai "Noah" Banasihan said...

Hey sir!

I saw the compiled volume for Kalayaan last night at National Book Store, Cubao. As a comics fan, I am quite excited over the recent rise in the number of heroes in the Philippine roster. Finally, something interesting outside of Marvel and DC!

Anyway, I haven't a copy yet, but I'm sure to get one soon! :)

Gio Paredes said...

Thank you very much for the support. I hope that you enjoy it once you have copy. :-)

Nikolai "Noah" Banasihan said...

Thanks! I'm an aspiring comic book writer and artist myself, but I'm still working it out. So all I can do for others right now is to be a fan. :)

Are you planning to go to the Indieket next month?

Gio Paredes said...

Yes, I will be at the indieket event selling my comics.

I hope to see you there.

Nikolai "Noah" Banasihan said...

All right! :D See you there!