Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ripclaw and CyberCat

This is a drawing that I did way back on my collage days. During the blooming of the image comics. I hope you guys like it as much as I did.
I think I'm going to buy a much cheaper A4 scanner rather than the big A3 scanner that I just mentioned on my last blog. The reason is that its soo darn expensive. The cheapest was a Musteck A3 which cost 16,000.00 Phil. peso and some goes as high as 60,000 peso. I do not have that much money to spend for a scanner. While a Genius A4 scanner only cost P2,100. The other reason is that right now im just doing a ash can comics which I draw on a 7x10 inch work area, meaning to say, that it will only be a waste if Im going to buy the expensive one. The works that I have previously done on a 10x15, I will just have to scan twice. One on the lower part and the other on the upper part. And just put it together using photoshop. Much more tedious work, but as for now, that is what I should do.

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