Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhone - Beyond iPod

It's January again and it is time for another MacWorld keynote from Steve Jobs. Every time I see him do his stuff on stage and present a new product(that could be either software or hardware) I always get inspired on my work as a programmer. And this time Apple company did it again. Last January 9 they have presented the most advanced mobile hand held device in the world (well that is at least my opinion).

It's the new iPhone.
It is beyond than just a Phone. It is the next big thing happened since the ever popular iPod, coz it is an iPod, a Phone and a internet device roll into one. It also has a built-in google map, widget, safari browser and it all runs on top of Mac OS-X. How cool is that.

You can go to or (and try the keyword is MacWorld 2007) to watch the video.

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