Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm baaaack

I came back to our office in ortigas this january after having a leave of absence for 4 months because of a health issue. But I'm well now and feeling stronger. It was also just the right time when I came back because one of my office mate was celebrating her birthday.

It's a little bit funny coz, I have been with this company for over five years now. And this is the only picture that I have with all of the staff.

Maybe because I am with them only three times a week, since I am only part time employed to them. My other free time, I spend it with other clients of mine.

I consider my self as a freelance programmer/analyst. That is more convenient for me because I have more control over my time. But this company have been so much attached to me that I consider my self as part of their family.

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