Monday, April 16, 2007

Other People

Being a freelance programmer. You will meet many different kinds of people. They could be Short, tall, rich, poor, average earner, millionaires, gay, tom boy ,crazy people, serious people, quiet people, talkative, fun to be with, always debating, easy to anger, has a long patient, can tolerate irritation, smart, very smart, not so smart and many others types.

But people that I really don't like are the ones who are nobody, but acts as they are like somebody. They are the people that are just like flies on top of a carabaw but thinks that they are bigger, high or mightier that the carabaw.

Today I received a call from an old client, a newspaper company that would like to modify their credit and collection program that I made a few years ago. As always I always replied to a client with courtesy. Saying "PO" and "OPO" every end of my sentence. But this guy at the other end of the line acts as if he already knows me (which is not, he is a new guy) and by tone of his voice, bossing me around. I said to my self, this guy is a bossy type of people. But as always, customer is always right. And I just kept my cool. I will be going to them next week to add some modifications. And I better bring along lot and lots of patience and a cool head.

That is what I like about my boss here at ortigas, he treats me more like a son and not as an employee. And not only to me, but to all of his employees. He treat them as part of a family and part of a big team. Even thoe his net worth is beyond my imagination, hundreds and hundreds of branch employees. He keeps his feet on the ground and always humble when he talks to other people weather he is rich or poor. I am very lucky to share the bosses room with him, even if I only go here 3x a week. Other people would not like to share a room with their boss, coz they hate their bosses or un-easy with them, and some would say "my boss is always breathing behind my neck". Although that is true (I also had that kind of experience on my other client), but in my case here, it is not. And I’m saying this not because he is a few feet away from me. It’s because it is true. Some times, if the program that he gave me is too much complex to make, he would find someway to make it simple and easier for me. That also goes to other people here. He always finds way to make our work much easier and faster for us.

Anyway with that said, I will pray that I would not get into a fight with the other guy when I get there next week :-)

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