Saturday, June 16, 2007

Knowledge and Toys

There is a saying that knowledge is power. That is true. But today I also learned that knowledge is money too.

This morning up to 5pm in the after noon, I was in cainta. I had a little sideline there that includes a little photoshop skills and a video editing skills.

At first, video editing was just a little hobby for mine. And it turns out, there are people willing to spend some cash for a video slide show for a family reunion or birthday. It was like a stroll in the park for me, coz I was doing this for fun on my past video blog. The only tedious was scanning sooooo many old pictures and putting some captions in them.

I am just so happy today that I earned some extra money from knowledge that I thought that I could only use for fun and hobby.

After my sideline in cainta. I went to the toy convention in megamall today. And I have the toys to prove that. I thought that I was already late, because I arrived at megamall around 7:30pm already (because of the traffic, as usual). But to my surprise, there were still so many people there. And the bands look and sounds like just warming up.

As I was strolling around. I just can not believe how expensive toys now a days. Time has really change when I was just a kid. But, I said to my self, "There must be some cheap toys here that I could buy". And patience and a little leg work really paid off. I came across toys selling half of its price. And the other one, I got a rebate of P100 pesos for a very rare toy that I was looking for and tending to buy for quite some time now.

There were also exhibits and lots of toys display there. Different kinds of Capt. America action figure, different kinds of Iron man, DC characters,Marvel character, Anime, Manga almost or not all of the toys that any kid (or kid at heart) wants, was there. There were even life sized figures of Justice League and Avengers.
The one I could not forget was Hulk. It was sooo BIG. And to some point, a little scary.
My only regret is that I did not bring along my digital camera. What a bummer.

All in all, it is a great experience and a great day for me today.

Nakakapagod nga lang.


Sleep na ako.


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