Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Like father, like daughter

This is my eldest daughter Vannesa.

Last summer vacation my wife gave me a piece of paper that have been strip off from a note book. And when I saw what was on it. I was laughing my ass off. And also proud and happy at the same time.

It was a comic strip that Vannesa made. Well...you can see it from the image below. It's an itinerary of her daily activities.

Mukhang meron na akong taga pagmana ng pag do-drawing ko ah.

1.) Wakeup

2.) Gurgle

3.) Breakfast

4.) Brush teeth

5.) Exercise

6.) Watch TV

7.) Take a bath

8.) Clean up

9.) Lunch time

11.) Sleeping time

12.) Play time

13.) Watch TV

14.) Dinner

15.) Watch TV

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