Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kalayaan T-Shirt in Texas

I was surprise this morning when my old classmate (Neil) from college that now lives in Lubbuck Texas sent me this picture. It's him (Neil) wearing my Kalayaan T-Shirt. Well..., I was kind of expecting this. But never the less, I was still surprise and very happy at the same time.

Me and Rommel (another one of my classmate that now lives in New York), had a chat a few weeks ago. He said that he asked his cousin that is about to go to New York this last week of October. To buy a 3 Kalayaan T-Shirt and bring it along with him when he goes to New York. He plans to send one (through Fedex) to Neil in Texas, the other one to Arnold (one of our classmate too) in Sacramento, California and the last one for him self in New York. (Sometimes I get the feeling that I am the only one left here in the Philippines from our batch.)

Rommel said in his own words... "Kalayaan is going to invade U.S. this November". :-)

I am very very much thankful for these people for their support for what ever I am doing. Even though, I very much know that they are not comics people. They still try their very best to relate with me. Even if sometimes, I feel very awkward talking to them regarding my Kalayaan comics. They still find ways to make me feel and tell me that they are proud and happy for me on what I am doing. Because of our friendship, they are very much happy to support me in what ever they know possible. With that, from the bottom of my heart, I say Thanks Guys.

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