Sunday, February 08, 2009

Delivery at Comics Odyssey

I just finished the delivery of Kalayaan 6 at Comics Odyssey yesterday.

I was very lucky that It was also the day of signing of Harvey Tolibao for his new Marvel comics "War of Kings: Darkhawk". I bought a copy and went straight to him to be signed. Harvey was such a nice guy and very friendly. Since he does not know who I am, he had a hard time spelling my name. :-( We went back and fort on spelling my name. And i finally gave up and just grab a copy of Kalayaan #6 issue and shown it to him. He was surprised that I was a comic book artist too. And very happy to see my stuff. Too bad I forgot to take a picture with him. :-(

Edgar Tadeo (X-Men:Worlds Apart) was there too. He showed me his 10x15 original works and my jaws just dropped and almost fell to floor. :D

I was only in comic odyssey for a very short time, since I am also going to meet up with Gener at SM Megamall to give his complementary copy of Kalayaan 6. But when I was going to leave, an interesting thing happens. A two (comic book fans) guys went to me and asked if they could have a picture taken with me. I was happy to accommodate them of course. But when I was smiling at the camera, the thing on my mind was "Does these guys know who I am? or maybe they have just mistaken me for somebody else". They were so very shy so I just initiated the conversation. I introduced the latest issue of Kalayaan and Bayan Knights #1 to them. They were looking of the first issue of Kalayaan on that store. It was already sold out and I also forgot to bring one too, so they have just bought 2 copies BK1 instead. Edgar Tadeo and I signed them both.

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