Tuesday, April 28, 2009



That is what I almost shouted at the MRT train today while on my way to our office in ortigas. People were pushing each other every time that the train doors open. It was just like the movie 300 scene were the Spartans are pushing the Persians to the cliff. It was an adventure every time the door opens. You have to prepare your self to push.

If your are a guy that is on a MRT station during rush hour, and the person besides you is beautiful young girl. That is totally okay (you can push me anytime baby, yeah.. :D). But there are also times that bad luck hits you. A guy next to you has a terrible body odor (even an air conditioned train could not do anything about it) . Elbows hits you every where, other people breathing behind your back, you feel like a sardine trap on a small can. Butt to butt, shoulder to shoulder, chest to shoulder. People pushing every where. And it is the most often source of fights amount the passengers. It is an adventure I tell you. Just ask Reno. :D

And if you are a short guy like me. It is much probable that your face will end up only inches away from a tall guys armpit (which I hate the most). And if you are a tall guy, it is also much probable that your big feet will be stepped on by a smaller guys, your body will be elbowed and your head will bump on the small MRT door.

It is not the fault of the people actually. Because it seams that the time interval between trains have been expanding. Before, it was just only about 2 to 3 minutes. Today it reached about 5 to 6 minutes before the next train arrived (sometimes 7). So, the tendency is that the passenger will accumulate exponentially.

But despite will all that hassle. MRT is still the choice of many commuters like me. Since it is fast , cheap and reliable (sometimes).

Until then, I only hope that there will be a cute chick next to me. :-)


Reno said...

Everyday is an adventure when you ride the MRT. hahaha!

My tip... try to get to the middle of the car. Usually, that's where it's not too congested. Just say "Excuse me" and more often than not people will let you pass. Plus, the airconditioning is better there. It can get really hot at the areas close to the doors.

Of course, there are the occassional @$$#0Le$. But those are few and far between. :)

Gio Paredes said...

yup... the middle of the car is the best place to be. Kaso kanina kasi sobrang puno na eh. Hindi na talaga makaka pasok sa gitna.

And the other problem with that, ay sa pag baba na. Lots of obstacles. :-( Excure mo po uli, baka ako mapag sarhan ng pinto. :D

DCel Echz said...

HA! Ganyan din ako dati... sa LRT naman papuntang skul. Hehe. Masyado ba traffic sa EDSA pag umaga? Di ko napapansin kasi tulog ako sa Bus.

Gio Paredes said...

Sa LRT, meron namang mga malalaking train na mas malaki ang capacity.

Yun ang inaabangan ko pag nagagawi ako ng Manila. :D


Cute chick ha... ok lang bangga banggain ka???, paano kung CUTE na gurlzzz tapos eh may putok din...hehehehehee!!!!! :)

Gio Paredes said...

Titiisin ko na lang Wella kahit na may putok ang cute na girl. :D

Tapos pag nadaan kami sa billboard na may Rexonna. Ituturo ko na lang sa kanya..hehehe