Thursday, April 16, 2009


For the past few weeks now, I have been posting preview pages of Kalayaan #7 on the net. And with that, people might be saying “Why aren't you the one making the pages?”

Why?... Why not?
When my name is at the cover of the comics, it does not necessarily means that I am the one making ALL of the sequential pages. Carlo J. Caparas (ok this is a bad example) appears before the word “Ang Panday”, but he did not draw a single panel (but he created the character and the story). But, all of the credit goes to him. :-( (Bad example nga). Another one is Todd McFarlane, he started to draw spawn. But later on, gives the sequential pages and the story later on to others (with his approval/supervision of course) . And I see nothing wrong with that. And it also goes with Stan Lee with the many Marvel characters he created. You do not expect Stan to create,pencil,write all of his titles that he started and continue doing each and every issue of each of those characters he created for the rest of his life without turning it over to other writers.

Publishing a comics with a team helping you is already hard. Multiply those by 10x to 20x if you are self publishing it all by your self. And on top of that, try to release it on a regular basis, which I am doing every other 4 months (every February, June and October). With this on mind, you may have an idea how grateful I feel if someone comes to me and offer their help to me for free. Even how small that help is, it is very much appreciated.

But first of all, I just want to clear something out. I am not totally sitting thing out on this particular issue when it comes with the sequential pages. I have just shared the pages with others. Namely Erwin Ropa and Tom Harry, which I am very much grateful, for helping me out. I have just given them a specific pages that I think will suit their style the best, and will give the comics a better result (This particular issue is a little bit complex than the usual story, since it has many sub-stories in it.) But I will still be the main story teller and the cover artist. As of this writing, I am already doing pages 8,9 and 28 at the same time. This issue has a 28 sequential pages in all. Plus the additional pages for the fan art section, letter pages and a pin-up. If I will do this alone, I will definitely not make the June dead line.

The good news is, despite the additional pagesssssss. Issue #7 with still be priced at P65 without any additional cost. It simply means you get more value for your money. Just like the new Bayan Knights #2 (ooops, plugging time :D). Anyway, I hope that you guys would support all small independent comics out there.

Thats it for now guys and I hope for your understanding.

Gio Paredes


Hazel Manzano said...

Gio, okay lang yun. Buti nga may mga nago offer sayo ng help e. keep up the good work!!!

Gio Paredes said...

Salamat Hazel...
Malaking tulong talaga sila sa akin eh.

AaronTuron said...

Patulong din minsan Sir Gio kung may chance! :D

Gio Paredes said...

Syempre naman Aaron, ikaw pa. :D

Anonymous said...

Ayos lang yun. You can't do two things at the same time. What you are doing is basic management.

Ang isa sa downfall ng artists aside from balancing the accounts ay hindi nila alam o ayaw nila (aminin man nila sa hindi) ang basic management of delegation.

Pero dapat, since may mga tumutulong na sa'yo, dapat, mas gandahan mo yung story, and since you have helping hands na, you better create a medium term plan (Kalayaan 5 year plan kumbaga).

Yun lang po...i pray that you make it big

Gio Paredes said...

Maraming salamat Ian...
Hopefully magandahan ka sa story ng Kalayaan #7. Email ko ito sa iyo for proof reading. :D