Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kalayaan 7 - Page 17 and 18

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Kalayaan 7 and all back issues are still available at Comic Odyssey and Sputnik comic shop.
Comic Odyssey
Robinson's Galleria
Robinson's Place Manila

Shop 60 at the Cubao Expo on Gen.
Romulo Ave., Cubao, Q.C.

Speaking of Sputnik, I just recently went there to deliver another additional 5 copies of issue 3 of Kalayaan. The owner requested me to replenish that particular issue because they say that their existing inventory were all sold out. I was more than happy to do it because it only means an opportunity for additional sales. I really love this store, because it is the only store that I am currently distributing that does that. Other store already stops selling back issues once they are already sold out. Which is the normal case.

This makes me think, that in the future, I should compile my comics to create a trade paper back and sell it as graphic novel. "Kalayaan collected edition volume 1", wow, I like the sound of that. I think that this is the logical next step for me because major book store treat single comics and graphic novel (compiled comics) differently. Ordinary Comics only have 2 to 3 months shelve life, depending on how it sells. The graphic novel however can be replenished continuously. It means, an income for me for generations to come. (I hope)



Randy Albert said...

This makes me think, that in the future, I should compile my comics to create a trade paper back and sell it as graphic novel. "Kalayaan collected edition volume 1", wow, I like the sound of that.

Good Idea Sir! Sana colored! :0)

Jayson said...

Oo nga po...
dapat colored at maganda ang binding Sir... para may babalik-balikan pa rin at mai-offer kayong bago sa new and old readers alike...

Markus said...

Okay yan, Gio. That would also be a good way to penetrate a nationwide market. Hopefully when the compiled Kalayaan comes out, makapag-distribute ka rin sa major stores like NBS.

Gio Paredes said...

Oo nga, isa rin talaga sa parangarap ko ay maging full colored ang internal sequential pages ng comics ko. Kasi sa totoo lang, napaka laki ng maitutulong ng coloring sa mga pages na gawa ko na hindi masyadong maganda. Imagine ko
kasi ay talagang aangat ang art kung full colored na.

But having this trade paper back in full color is a very hard task for me when it comes to financing. It would be most probable that I will print it in black and white. Yung
cover na lang siguro ang colored at kung pupwede pa ay mga ilang pun-up sa loob nito ay gagawin ko na ring colored.

Just to give you an idea on how expensive and very pains staking it is to color this compiled edition. Here is a little break down.

I am planning to compile 6 issue of Kalayaan comics that is estimated to have 20 pages on it. I decided 6 issues instead of 4 or 5 kasi magiging sobrang bitin lang ang mga readers dahil sa story. Tamang tama lang kung puputulin ko sa issue 6 ang story. So bale 120 pages na kaagad ang kukulayan ng colorist dahil nga 6x20 pages. Ang bayad kasi sa colorist sa isang page ay
P1,000. Masuwerte ka na kung makakakuha ka ng mas mababa dito. Being an artist my self, I know, how hard it is to color a page, kaya ayoko namang baratin ang magkukulay nito. So in theory, P120,000 (estimated cost) kaagad ang magagastos ko dito. After that, ilalagay ko isa-isa ang mga dialog na may kulay na mga pages. Matagal kong matatapos ito since 120 pages nga.

If I am going to publish the 6 issues as a graphic novel. Hindi na pwede ang photo copy and manual stapler. Lalapit na talaga ako sa proffessional printer. Nag tanong na ako dati kung magkano ang pag print ng comics na katulad ng isang issue ng Kalayaan to be printed on a 1000 copies. Ang price range ay 30T to 50T depending on the number of pages ng inside comics. Just imagine to multiply that by 6 (issues) and add also the coloring cost. Ganun ka mahal ang mag publish ng graphic novel. So I hope you guys would understand if I will stick to the black and white internal pages.

Lumapit na rin ako dati at nagpasa ng application sa isang publishing company to publish Kalayaan as graphic novel. Sad to say ito nakapasa. :-(

Randy Albert said...

Wag Parin kayo mawalan ng pag asa Sir! Don't let the financial issues and publisher kill your dreams! I believe one day i'll buy and read kalayaan comics in full color!