Saturday, July 25, 2009

The market is there

When I was on my way home a few days ago. I passed by Comic Quest in megamall. I was surprised that many people were flocking there. Curious that I am. I went there to take a quick look. It was the scheduled day that the new shipment of new comics. Many people were there to get their new bunch of western comics. Without a shadow of a doubt. I can say that the market for comics is there. We all need is just to tap it more. All the previous talk of a declined in the number of people that read comics are just not true. If people realy realy like your product, they will buy it, no matter what.


Ben 10 said...

Let's say you print 50-100 issues of Kalayaan, how many get sold? That's a gauge for the market for Pinoy Indie Superhero Comics.

Gio Paredes said...


I initially print 50 copies. It does not get sold right away. But after those are sold out, I would just print more. I always keep an extra 10 to 20 copies of each issue at home.

I said to my self that as long as there are people out there want to buy my comics. I will never stop re-printing them.

As of now, the number of copies sold of issue #1 is a little bit over 200 (and counting).