Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Take responsibility

This was on the Yahoo News Philippines this morning.

MMDA chief on floods: Blame me

MANILA - Metro Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani Fernando on Monday shouldered the blame for the massive flooding that hit the National Capital Region over the weekend but said he will not resign from his post.

In an interview, Fernando said the responsibility of enhancing Metro Manila's flood control system falls on his shoulders as MMDA chief. "Blame it on me kaysa sisihin pa natin ang Diyos. It's up to them what they want to do with me but I will not resign as MMDA chairman," he told ABS-CBN.

The MMDA chief said government officials in areas affected by the floods should also take part of the blame since they did not ensure the safety of their constituents. He said the increase in infrastructure in every city takes a toll on the environment.

Fernando, who is mulling a possible presidential bid next year, said last Saturday's massive flood could happen again if no solution is found. "It's a 100-year cycle. It will keep repeating itself unless someone with political will will lead the country," he said.

I really commend the MMDA chairman for saying this. He did not blame other people , but instead he just took the responsibility into him self. That is one characteristic of a good leader. Instead of making another problem, he is just focusing on the solution.

This thing (floods in Metro Manila) will tend to happen again if we do not find a solution, and that is a better sewage/drainage system. "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". Giving food, shelter and clothes to the flood victim is good. But it is only a cure and not a prevention. If we really are serious to help our fellow men. We should find a prevention. We could not just give food and shelter to people every time a flood comes, over and over and over again.

I sometimes think differently. During the last summer (and even last years summer[2008]) when the scorching heat of the sun is at its peak. I was not thinking about beach or swimming pool. But instead, I was thinking that it is the best time for MMDA to clean up the drainage of its garbage. Because at that time, it was very dry. I think of this because I believe in the theory of Albert Einstein "For every action,there is an equal and opposite reaction". It was very very hot. Therefore, I know then that there were going to be a big rain coming. I did not know when, but I know that it will come.

I only wish that our leaders would sometimes also think differently.

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