Monday, September 20, 2010

Komikon 2010

The November 13 Komikon is fast approaching and I am still struggling to finish the script of Kalayaan #11 issue. I'm afraid that I might not release a new issue on this event. Sorry to those that have been asking me for a next issue. It is just because I have been very much busy with my office work right now. But I will still be selling issue 1 to 10 on this event. And I will also be signing the SULYAP Anthology together with the other contributors. Please do support this indie book so that more indie creator would have a chance to be in the next anthology if the sales of SULYAP will be good.

And speaking of Indie. I got this list for the DeviantArt account of Komikon. Here are the list of participants in the Indie Tiangge this year.

02.Jerrico T. Barrios
04.Silent Sanctum
05.Work in Progress Comics
06.Baston Komiks Inc.
08.Skewed Studios Komiks
10.Lady Storykeeper
11.Greepo Comic Group
14.Dexter Roxas
15.Gerilya Komiks
17.Norby Ela
18.Soul Synth
19.Carlo Valenzuela
21.Subway Productions
22.David Sysing
23.Krisis Komix
26.Revel Productions
27.Wall Push Productions
28.Omi Remalante Jr.
29.Oliver Leang
30.Marked Pinoy
32.Section Six
33.Manga Tree

It really amazes me on how many new indie creator just suddenly pop up out of nowhere in just a very short span of time. This really goes to show that the local comics is alive. But unfortunately that the distribution is still that not good. I really hope and pray that this part of the comics business would be better in the future.

The following people below need not register in the indie tiange since these people will have a separate table with the Komikon people promoting and selling the SULYAP anthology. Big big thanks to Jon Zamar and the rest of the Komikon people for this.

Mel Casipit
Rommel Estanislao
Tepai Pascual
Josel Nicolas
Ian Olympia
RH Quilantang
Gio Paredes

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