Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kalayaan 11 preview

I have been so busy this past few weeks, and I will be much more busy on this coming year. It is because our company will start to migrate into a web-based data entry for all of our branches. This means that I would be studying more and more about web-based programming language such as HTML,CSS,PHP and MySQL.

And because of that, I have decided to release Kalayaan #11 on February (as seen on the image below). I have already finished 10 pages and still have to finish 10 more. I just had a quick chat with sputnik telling me that many people are already asking for this issue. That is why I am posting this preview pages. And our chat had also motivated me to work harder on this issue since I do not want to disappoint those people that had asked by making them wait for a long time.

The final cover of Kalayaan #11. Many thanks to Omi Remalante,Jr. for coloring this.
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Page 4 - shows the new toy of Cyfer.
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Page 8 - pencilled and inked by Erwin Ropa. Another one page sub-plot of the series.
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This beautiful back cover is pencilled by Jomar Bulda, inked by Analiza Chris Agot and colors by Oliver Morit.


Raipo said...

Gio nasa TNl ka. Official TNL ka!

Gio Paredes said...

Hahahaha... hindi ako yang Gio Paredes na yan. May ibang taong gumagamit ng pangalan ko eh.

Nakita ko na yan dati, actually meron pang ngang isa eh... eto oh.. ->