Thursday, December 02, 2010

Which cover should I use?

KALAYAAN #11 Color Cover by Omi Remalante, Jr.

Which color cover do you like?
The one on the left? or the one on the right?

I had a conversation with my colorist and good friend Omi Remalante Jr. He wanted the one on the left but I wanted the one on the right. He made a very good point that people might think that the girl is a giant if I choose the one on the right since they have the same color tones. And he said the one on the left is much better because the colors made the girl looked more like a background and it gives emphasis of the foreground which is Kalayaan. But with even that said, I still kinda like the one on the right. But if more people like the one on the left then I would have no choice but to use that one.

So I decided to post both version here one my blog and have a little survey on which one the people likes better. I also posted this on facebook and the current score is on my favor. :D


Reno said...

I vote for the right one, but maybe desaturate the colors a bit so that Kalayaan will pop out in the foreground.

Gio Paredes said...

Marami pong salamat boss Reno for your comment. Masmarami po talagang may gusto dun sa right one. Subukan ko pong desaturate ng konte yung colors nung background.