Monday, May 09, 2011

Comic Odyssey FCBD & MCC

May 7 and 8 was very tiring but very enjoyable. I got a lot of free comics, courtesy of boss Sandy of Comic Odyssey. I also did 3 sketches for the comic book fans on that day. Nightwing, Cyclops and Kalayaan.
Thanks to Antonio Adlawan for supporting my comics. He bought one set (11 issues) of Kalayaan comics. There were others who bought all 11 issues of my comics but I did not had a chance to get their names.
I sold plenty of comics during the whole two (2) day event of MCC. I totally sold out issue #2, #5, #7 and #10 (time to re-print those issues), that is despite of some conflict of schedules and the Pacquiao fight.

I had lots for fun with cosplayers during the 2nd day of MCC. Just look at Captain Barbel here.

I apologize of the quality of these preceding pictures. They came from my cheap/low resolution celphone camera.

Julio Valiente is in the house. I really love it when Filipino Cosplayers are trying these Filipino movie characters. Sana next time ay mas marami pa. Para maiba naman. :-)

Hahatiin ni Julio Valiente ang bala sa pamamagitan ng kanyan punyal. The Mythbusters really should try to bust this Movie Myth. I might send them an email about his. :-)

Grifter wanna blow my face off.


Jon said...

Thanks sa pagpaskil ng picture habang naka-Julio Valiente ako!

Gio Paredes said...

Walang anoman Jon. :-)