Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New Fan Art

Here are the new Fan Art that I recently received. I will post them to the official Kalayaan Site once I find the time. I am so busy working on a top secret comics project. And it had most of my time going to private and government offices to process paper documents.

by Cy Avilla
by Ramil Ibayby Jethro Morales

I first met Jethro on Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galleria a few years ago when I delivered a few copies of Kalayaan issues. He then on bought a copy of my comics on the spot, and he is reading my comics since then. He recently emailed me and asked me when is issue #12 gonna come out. He said that he really enjoys the story of issue #9 to #11.

He is such a humble person. After I met him at comic odyssey, I later on discovered that he was already an international artits. He was already working on Image comics Hack/Slash Annual 2010 story by Tim Seeley. From time to time, I am considering on hiring him to do an issue of Kalayaan. He first made his first offer to help me on some of the pages after a few weeks when we first met. But for now, I am still raising funds for my top secret comics project. You will certainly here about it soon.


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