Monday, July 18, 2011

Baguio Comicon 2011

I just came back from Baguio City and it was simply amazing. Its certainly a memorable experience for me. I think it is almost 20 years since I visited Baguio. So you could just imagine how happy I was when I attended the very first Baguio Comicon.

For those of you following this blog. You might have already know that I do not like taxi drivers very much. But when I went to Baguio, I have learned that not all taxi drivers are the same. The Baguio taxi drivers are more courteous and polite. And they ALWAYS gives you the exact change of your money. Hindi mo na kailangan pang sabihing "Ang sukli ko po?". Sinabi ko pa nga sa isang driver na "Keep the change na lang po", subalit tingangihan pa nya ito. Taxi drivers there are a totally different spiecies from the Metro Manila drivers. So I am very much happy travelling there from one point to another.

Anyway...... the first Baguio Comicon is one of the most memorable expericence for me. And thank you very much to Gerald Asbucan and DM Espiritu for organizing the event.

One of the noticable costplayer on the event was Spiderdan. No... that is not a typo, he is SpiderDan and not Spiderman.

And just to show you that this is a different spider from Marvel. Just take a look at the video below.

He even gave me and Doctor Carlo (Callous) a free Dancing tutorial.

Even when I was still at the bus somewhere in Pangasinan going to Baguio, I was already very happy. This is due to the text messege of Gerald(the organizer). He text me that there is already a Free lodging waiting for me at Baguio. This is due to the other participants of the event that could not make it. So I just simply took over their place. :-)

The picture below is an authentic Ifugao hut (named Dukligan) is the place assign to me. The comics veteran and Metro Comicon organizer Ernest Hernandez was assigned to different huts. The owner of the village said that they have a total of 9 huts, there where 15 before typhoon Pepeng arrived. These huts were originally from the mountain province of the ifugao which where transferred in Tam-Awan village piece by piece and reconstructed again.

The picture below is a cool restaurant (figurative and literally) that is just a few meters below my hut. They even provide guest with free wifi and free brewed coffee. This is a place full of paintings displayed and also for sale. It is like eating inside a museum.

Hanging around with the Komiks veterans.

Hanging around with my new idol (in all manner :D) ... Jun Lofamia

One of the things that I will miss on Baguio is the cool weather and the spectacular beauty of nature.

I hope that I could go back again to this beautiful place next year.

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