Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kalayaan Fan Art by Carver

Here is a spectacular Fan Art created by non other than Carlo Vergara, creator of Zsazsa Zaturnnah.

I was so surprised on morning when I open up my computer at home when I saw this beautiful artwork by boss Carlo. And what's more heartwarming is the message that goes along with it.

"Kalayaan is one of the more enduring Pinoy indie komiks around since its 2007 debut. The title character is currently a member of the Powerhouse Team of Bayan Knights. I found myself wanting to do some kind of pinup art of this guy after reading issue #11, where Paredes reveals more of the soft side of Kalayaan's alter ego John de la Vega. Uni PIN sign pens on bond paper"
-Carlo Vergara

I'm so happy that #11 is a memorable issue for him. But I also hope that he will not get disappointed on me on #12. Because I will do something unexpected in the story that may alienate some readers. I'm still long away from the completion of issue #12 since I am so busy with my office work. Getting the permit (paper works) for National Book Store (not to mention the printing of Kalayaan Vol.1 and also busy with the layout and printing of Kalayaan #0.

I'm so busy, but so happy. :-)

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