Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's almost done

We (me and Jon Zamar) are almost done with the layout of the Kalayaan Vol.1 and we already have received the quotation from the printing press. There is a probability that this book will be ready for the coming San Pablo Comics Fest this Saturday (Dec.3,2011).

I really just would like to give Jon Zamar a Big thanks on assisting me with this. It would really be very very difficult for me doing this without him. Thanks man.

The book will contain Kalayaan #1 to #4, a foreword by Gilbert Monsanto, creative process, Character profile and around 43 fan art. Here are a sample pages.


Jerald Uy said...

wow, so how much sir? and how many issues ang kasama? looking forward to this. congrats! :)

Gio Paredes said...

Volume 1 will be from issue #1 to #4 and will have a selling price of P180.

Thanks Jerald :-)